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SteveWillDoIt Overshares Nasty Details About Jerking Off His Dog

On Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk, Stephan “SteveWillDoIt” Deleonardi overshared details of how he jerks off his dog.
SteveWillDoIt Overshares Nasty Details About Jerking Off His Dog

What a headline, right? Nowadays, it seems like there’s never an odd moment happening across the world, like a streamer engaging in intercourse during a livestream on Twitch while another popular YouTuber allegedly, unknowingly mocked a deaf person in a video.

Stephan “SteveWillDoIt” Deleonardi overshared too much information about what he and his dog get up to in their free time. Appearing on Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk podcast recently, the banned YouTuber described how he’s a “cool dad” for jerking off his dog and making it ejaculate; the podcast host was astonished by these unbelievable statements.

SteveWillDoIt Reveals He Does A Lot With His Dog

Known for his pranks and comedic stuns, SteveWillDoIt has done a lot of crazy stuff on YouTube. On 31st August 2022, Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk posted a podcast on YouTube with guest, SteveWillDoIt and discussed various topics.

stevewilldoit appeared podcast
SteveWillDoIt appeared on Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk podcast. (Picture: YouTube / Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk)

Despite having his account permanently deleted from YouTube on 1st August 2022 for allegedly violating the platform's Community Guidelines, the NELK Boys member recently appeared on Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk podcast. The nearly an hour-long podcast on YouTube detailed various topics discussed by the guest personalities and the host.

Most of the conversations talked about SteveWillDoIt’s recent life changes and how they’ve impacted his life. After reaching halfway through the podcast, SteveWillDoIt began talking about his dog and what happened around his house when he returned home.

stevewilldoit control dog jerking off
SteveWillDoIt stated he can "control" where his dog "c*ms" by jerking him off. (Picture: YouTube / Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk)

SteveWillDoIt stated, “our dog is like, he’s recently been like, you come home, and there’s c*m everywhere. Like c*m all over the couches.” Martyn was taken aback by this statement; he said, “what are you talking about? Like you see the c*m?”

In response, SteveWillDoIt revealed he found out his dog would leave “c*m stains” all over his furniture. Following these baffling revelations, SteveWillDoIt stated, “This is like kind of crazy how I’m saying this, but one, I’m the cool dad now, and I’m the favorite. And two, you can control where the c*m goes.”

Martyn questioned SteveWillDoIt right after, “What are you talking about? How do you do this?” To “control” where his dog ejaculates, SteveWillDoIt revealed he’d wear “gloves” and put them “on his stomach” or go “cow-style” because “it’s better for catching,” then turn on a “cartoon” that’s “family friendly” to keep his pet "occupied" and he’d “jerk off” his dog.

stevewilldoit calls himself cool dad jerking dog off
SteveWillDoIt calls himself a "cool dad" for jerking his dog off. (Picture: YouTube / Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk)

In shocking response, Martyn asked, “Wait, wait, wait, so you’re telling me right now that you’ve been jerking your dog off, and that’s why you’re a cool dad?” SteveWillDoIt responded, “It might sound crazy, but it’s strictly business. [...] Imagine if you couldn’t jerk off and was like, what the f*ck do I do? He c*ms by f*cking a pillow. But imagine you trying to c*m by f*cking a pillow; it’s probably hard. Imagine if you had someone come in and help you out.”

In conclusion, SteveWillDoIt stated how he’s a “cool dad” to his dog for jerking him off and says he gets to “control where the c*m goes,” presumably to rid his furniture of any further staining. The content creator stated his dog “likes him” way better than his girlfriend because of this.

Feel free to watch the full podcast below.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk.