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Valkyrae explains why she quit playing Genshin Impact

Following months of speculation and debate, Rachell “Valkyrae” Hoffstetter finally explained why she hasn’t been streaming Genshin Impact.
Valkyrae explains why she quit playing Genshin Impact

Valkyrae was one of the top YouTube streamers who was swept up in the hype of Genshin Impact. The action RPG had played a critical role in her livestreams, having spent many hours grinding and opening packs.

However, the streamer stopped her Teyvat adventures months ago, which sparked a lot of discussions within her community. Finally, she revealed during a recent livestream the reason why she’ll never play the game again.

Valkyrae no longer a Traveler

During a Grand Theft Auto Online livestream on 13th October 2021, the streamer explained why she no longer plays Genshin Impact. After rejecting a fan request to return to Teyvat, she expressed her feelings that she doesn’t want to play Genshin Impact anymore.

She explained after some time that the game felt like it’s running out of ideas to keep the game exciting. Furthermore, she revealed how she doesn’t have plans on returning to the game.

“The game just got too repetitive, so I ended up just stopping. The Genshin gameplay, it was just hard for me to get excited to play it anymore. It was really fun while I was addicted, and I think it’s a really beautiful game, but yeah, I just stopped, and I probably won’t go back,” Valkrae explained.

Valkyrae still shared some positive thoughts on Genshin Impact during a livestream. (Picture: miHoYo

Even so, the streamer expressed fondly on some of her favourite moments streaming Genshin Impact. “I do love the gatcha system”, the streamer commented. “I do love it! Even the gambling.”

She had made comments in the past on how she “couldn’t get enough” of Genshin Impact. Moreover, she also alluded to the game’s “addicting” nature and why it’s one of the best games right now.

Since quitting Genshin Impact, Valkyrae can be seen streaming Grand Theft Auto Online, Mario Kart and Valorant. The streamer had also been busy with several projects with 100 Thieves, as well as making appearances in music videos and a Gucci fashion campaign.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube.