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Valkyrae got in trouble with YouTube after discussing her streaming contract

100 Thieves co-owner and YouTube Gaming streamer Valkyrae revealed how she landed in hot water with YouTube after openly disclosing how much time she had remaining on her contract.
Valkyrae got in trouble with YouTube after discussing her streaming contract

On 4th December, YouTube megastar and 100 Thieves co-owner, Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter, disclosed the number of streaming hours remaining on her contract with YouTube Gaming, which she later revealed landed her in trouble with the Google-owned streaming platform.

In her Twitter post on 4th December, Valkyrae said, "My two-year YouTube contract ends on January 15th, and I still owe 198 hours before it's over" before proceeding to ask her followers for ideas on what she should stream or play before the contract ends.

Valkyrae got in trouble with YouTube

During a YouTube livestream with fellow streaming icon Sykkuno on 6th December, Valkyrae revealed that she wasn't supposed to disclose the details of her exclusive streaming contract with YouTube.

valkyrae in trouble with youtube gaming over tweet about contract streaming hours
Valkyrae got in trouble with YouTube for revealing the number of streaming hours remaining on her contract. (Picture: YouTube / Valkyrae)

When asked by Sykkuno whether she was allowed to say how many hours she had left, Valkyrae replied, "No. I wasn’t even supposed to tweet out what I tweeted."

Valkyrae further added that the YouTube team had "a conversation" with her and told her she didn't have to delete the tweet "because the damage has been done."

Followingly, Sykkuno said, "Well, if the damage is already done, then expose it all the way. I mean, it's been done." However, it's clear that Valkyrae wasn't too keen on the idea.

After laughing at the idea, Valkyrae said, "No! But, listen, I love YouTube, and I'm not trying to make these things worse for me." Wise choice, Valkyrae.

youtube sykkuno valkyrae streaming hours trouble
Sykkuno gave Valkyrae "good advice" on meeting her contractual streaming hours. (Picture: YouTube / Sykkuno)

Before the topic of conversation, Sykunno also suggested an interesting way that Valkyrae could accelerate the fulfilment of her contractual stream hours.

"I'm gonna give you some good advice that I heard from a professional streamer called Lilypichu. You leave your stream on for five hours at a time and have an auto clicker to spam the ad button," Sykkuno said as a joke.

Given the flood of creators switching from Twitch to YouTube and the healthy relationship Valkyrae has with the Google-owned streaming service, there is little doubt that she won't renew her contract.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Valkyrae & Unsplash.