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Why Is MrBeast Bald And Does He Have Cancer?

YouTube megastar MrBeast recently sported a bald head, leading many fans to think he has cancer. Here's why Mr Beast is bald.
Why Is MrBeast Bald And Does He Have Cancer?

YouTube megastar and philanthropist Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson is among the most recognizable faces on the internet, so you can bet your bottom dollar that fans will be quick to call out something that doesn't look quite right. More recently, rumors began spreading regarding the famed creator potentially having cancer.

This followed after fans noticed MrBeast 's freshly-shaved bald head during a video call with fellow YouTuber Ryan Trahan, who raised 14 million meals for Feeding America by embarking on a 30-day challenge to cross America starting with a penny. Likewise, fans were worried about MrBeast's apparent lack of energy in his latest chocolate factory video.

While MrBeast refrained from sharing details, which arguably intensified fans' speculation, the YouTube star finally spilled the beans about why his head was bald; and no, it's not because he has cancer.

Why Did MrBeasts Shave His Head Bald?

why is youtube mrbeast bald 30 day fast challenge
MrBeast had to shave his head bald after losing his 30-day fasting challenge. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast)

MrBeast shaved his head bald because he failed a video challenge in which he was fasting for 30 consecutive days. In his 2nd July 2022 YouTube video, "I Didn't Eat Food For 30 Days," MrBeast noted that if he failed the challenge for any reason, Chris could shave off all his hair, which he eventually did.

In case you are wondering how far MrBeast got into the challenge, he managed not to eat any food for about 14 days. However, to his credit, it was not for lack of trying. Throughout the challenge, MrBeast continued to film various videos for his YouTube channel, including his latest real-life recreation of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

However, toward the end of filming, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay (who featured in MrBeast's Chocolate Factory video) offered to cook him a meal for his YouTube series Scrambled. So naturally, MrBeast could not pass up the "golden opportunity" to eat from one of the greatest chefs of all time.

Ultimately, MrBeast was inadvertently forced to take a bite of Gordan Ramsay's breakfast sandwich, resulting in him breaking what had been 14 days of fasting. If you're wondering, MrBeast lost 18 lbs (~8 kg) throughout the challenge, dropping from 220 lbs to 202 lbs (or ~100 kg to 92 kg), noting it was the hardest he's pushed his body in his entire life.

MrBeast's weight loss progress after fasting for 14 days
MrBeast's weight-loss progress after fasting for 14 days. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast)

We should add that MrBeast had a team of medical experts monitoring him by keeping track of his vitals at all times. He also warned viewers not to attempt to replicate the challenge by themselves at home.

So no, MrBeast does not have cancer, but he does have the inflammatory bowel disease Crohn's Disease. In the comment section of his "I Didn't Eat Food For 30 Days video, he explained: "I have Crohn’s disease (basically my gut has tons of inflammation)."

MrBeast continued, "I wanted to give it a break from food to see if that would help reduce inflammation because Crohn’s sucks. I learned a lot about how I can use fasting to reduce my inflammation, and I’m glad I did this challenge."

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / MrBeast and Greg Pro.