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CS:GO Broken Fang Week 12 missions: How to complete for Star rewards

What you need to know about the CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Week 12 missions so you can get all those shiny Star rewards.
The 10th CS:GO Operation, entitled Broken Fang, is now in its 12th week. Yes, it has been nearly three months since Valve unleashed the new Operation, and you should be closing in on all the Star reward you want if you've been following our guides. Here's how you can complete all the CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Week 12 missions.

Broken Fang Week 12 Missions: How to complete

In Week 10 and Week 11, we only got four missions to complete. In Broken Fang Week 12, however, we have a total of five missions.

The mission batch is called "Delirium" and as the name suggests, you will need to do some "crazy" things. Not really, unless you think touching the Scout is crazy (some might!). Then, there's also the topic of chicken genocide.

CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Week 12 missions how to complete(Picture: Valve)

The CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Week 12 missions are:

  • Expecting A Different Result: Win rounds in Broken Fang Premier - One Star per 7, 15 and 20 each
  • Melting Down: Win rounds in Competitive: Cache - One Star per 7, 15 and 20 each
    Déjà Vu: Get 15 SSG08 kills in Guardian: Dust II - Two Stars
  • The Enemy Of My Enemy Is A Chicken: Get chicken kills in Deathmatch: Dust II - One Star per 10, 20 and 40 each
  • Fever Dream: Get kills in Flying Scoutsman - One Star per 7, 15 and 20 each

As has become tradition, the Broken Fang weekly missions are quite self-explanatory. However, some new players might not know what the SSG08 is.

This is the Scout, and players are tasked with getting 15 kills with this underused weapon as part of the Broken Fang Week 12 missions.

Then, we also have some chicken genocide going on on Dust II. Those poor chickens simply can't catch a break and will be highly-contested targets. Kill one as soon as you see it.


CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Star rewards

With the CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Stars earned, you can spend them on some great cosmetic collections.

CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Week 12 missions how to complete star rewards(Picture: Valve)

Take a look at all three collections as well as the case in our dedicated articles below.

Keep in mind you can also upgrade your Operation Coin with Stars earned from Broken Fang Missions.

The week 13 missions will become available on 24th February 2021, and we will have you covered so you don't miss out on any Stars.