Daily eSports Roundup: League's LCK, ESL Atlantic & Smite

Daily eSports Roundup: League's LCK, ESL Atlantic & Smite

eSports is a fast-moving industry. Yesterday saw Overwatch's ESL Atlantic Showdown take place, continuation of the ProDotA Grand Masters and the start of the seventh week of the League Of Legends LCK. Here's a roundup of what happened:

League Of Legends Champions Korea - Week 7, Day 1

Afreeca Freecs 2-1 KT Rolster

The trio of games here offered up a balanced set, with the matches themselves providing no clear advantage to any one side too early on in the game. KT took the first round, starting the game well by taking three towers and two dragons before Afreeca returned the gesture. The game went to KT after a decisive Baron, inhib and tower combo gave them the advantage they needed. Afreeca returned the favour in the second match, though it was initially a quieter match than the first. A minor skirmish halfway through the match ultimately led to Afreeca snowballing, and dominating until the end. With the final match of the best-of-three up for grabs, KT looked set to take the game with a larger portion of kills, more dragons and a higher gold advantage. A turnaround by Afreeca after claiming Baron gave them the helping hand they needed to lead to a 5-man team wipe, an inhib a second Baron and then on to the Nexus - giving Afreeca the 2-1 victory. The loss for KT Rolster means they remain in second place in the league below ROX Tigers (yet to play their next game), while Afreeca Freecs is in sixth place. Day two of the LCK will continue today with Longzhu Gaming versus MVP.

Overwatch ESL Atlantic Showdown

The European qualifiers are underway, with the best-of-three round 16 taking place yesterday and the quarterfinals knockout round continuing today. Since so many games took place, we'll just round up the scores... Misfits beat Stone Templars 2-0, while Fortress lost to Prets 1-2 meaning Misfits and Prets will face off in the quarterfinals today. Melty eSports Club took on Kabina of Kamaza and won 2-0, and Bikini Beach eSports lost to SG-1 0-2. Melty and SG-1 are set to take each other on today. OWKings beat out Same with a score of 2-1, and Aera eSport lost to ANOX 1-2. OWKings and ANOX are taking each other other in the ESL Atlantic Showdown Qualifier quarterfinals. Lastly, NG Blue and Reunited will be head-to-head today after NG Blue won its game against Triple V 2-1 and Reunited won its game against Natural Selection 0-2. The ESL Atlantic Showdown European quarterfinal qualifiers will take place today as a best-of-five match.

ProDota Global Grand Masters

Alliance 2-0 Flipsid3 TacticsVega Squadron 2-0 Ad Finem

Two games took place in the ProDota Global Grand Masters quarterfinals, Allliance versus Flipsid3 Tactics and Vega Squadron versus Ad Finem. Alliance won its games 2-0, but both played out very closely. There was rarely more than a handful of kills between the two teams during the first round, while the second actually had Flipsid3 leading by a good number before Alliance switched it around and came out on top in the last half. In Vega versus Ad Finem, the first match seemed like it would be a confident victory for AF - until a base rush by Vega put AF on the defensive, left many of their structures and led to the majority of their team dead. The second match was much more different, with Vega asserting itself very early on with an advantage that would prove just too much for Ad Finem. Vega won 2-0.

Smite Console League

Excel 0-2 Team RivalTeam Excellence 1-1 BarrageBarrage 2-0 Team RivalTeam Eager Xbox 2-0 Noble Esports Xbox

Nothing new to report in the latest batch of Smite games really. Excel continues its losing streak by failing to achieve anything against Team Rival. Barrage maintains its lofty position at the top of the EU league, even in spite of its 1-1 against Team Excellence. A 2-0 victory against Team Rival undoes much of the work the team did against Excel earlier that day. Meanwhile the first NA console game is played, and again it's not much of a surprise. Team Eager claims a steady 2-0 from Noble Esports, maintaining a similar win/loss ratio for both teams.