Incredibly awkward esports moments

Incredibly awkward esports moments

One of the great advantages of esports being home to younger talent is that it isn't always the incredibly professional industry it slowly moves towards. The industry breeds a certain acceptance of that which is out of the ordinary – of course, esports itself is still pretty out of the ordinary. I've compiled some of the most awkward moments in esports history, right here for your viewing pleasure.

What about it works for you? Here, OpTic's Call of Duty player Ian "Crimsix" Porter (who was then a Halo player) and interviewer Julie Alexandria  have a very awkward moment following a somewhat poorly-thought-out question. Crimsix and Alexandria were later reunited at the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships, which you can see here.

Fans aren't as excited as expected With two great Counter-Strike teams ready to face off against one another, the spectators let the arena know just how excited they were.

Seagull hasn't nailed the handshake yet An awkward handshake may be the most simultaneously horrible and hilarious thing to witness in the world. Here, one of Overwatch's most popular players falls for the trap of a freely roaming hand. I'm not sure what's more awkward, the fact that there was no hand to shake, or his continued reaching out to the host's hand to ensure that hand is shook.

Team Liquid win The International before meeting their match

Team Liquid won The International in 2017, taking home nearly $11 million between them. However, the hardest task of the weekend came after the Grand Final – with the team unable to get into their champagne bottles.

And the crowd goes mild

ESL One New York 2017. One of the biggest events in Counter-Strike history. But, what would such an event be without live music? We've seen it multiple times across multiple tournaments, but this short clip signifies everything that is wrong in the merger between live music and esports: the two just don't mix well.

Casters need to think before they speak

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]   Casters are often commended for being able to intellectually analyse the flow of a match and change it up at any given moment. Sometimes though, that's just impossible to do, and viewers are left utterly confused.

You have to live and breathe the game One must be at one with their mains in Overwatch, as evidenced here. On a serious note though... Who made them do this? The fact that a team of top professionals decided that this was a necessary step forward for Overwatch esports is one we may be questioning for the rest of time. These clips barely scratch the surface of some of the terribly awkward moments that have occurred at esports events in the past. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Let us know what you think, and point us towards any awkward moments that have been missed out!