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Best Early Game Inheritable Skills In Fire Emblem Engage

We've broken down the top 3 best Inheritable Skills for the early game in Fire Emblem Engage that you should use right now!
Best Early Game Inheritable Skills In Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest entry into the tactical turn-based strategy game. It boasts a wide variety of playable characters and an engaging story spanning over 26 chapters. One of the key elements of Fire Emblem Engage is the ability to learn and inherit Skills, which can give your units a major edge in battle, allowing them to move faster, attack stronger, and survive longer.

This guide will discuss the best Inheritable Skills for the early game that will give you a head start in Fire Emblem Engage. From the powerful Canter Skill to the game-changing Healing Light and Vantage Skills, we will explain how to acquire and use them to your advantage.

Best Starter / Early Game Skills In Fire Emblem Engage

Before we begin, we want to credit YouTuber Varsona for these incredible early game tips. On that note, these tips will depend on your utilization of Bond Fragments within the Somniel early on. So without any further ado, let's get started. Also, it's worth noting that all the Inheritable Skills listed below are attainable before Chapter 9: A Clash of Forces in Fire Emblem Engage. 


Canter is a Bond Level 1 Skill that requires Sigurd's Emblem Ring, which can be obtained very early on in Fire Emblem Engage. The Skill allows a unit to move two spaces anywhere after attacking an enemy. In addition, Canter can be equipped onto any unit, not just mounted units. While it is a bit costly at 1000 SP, it will give you more options in gameplay and set up chain attacks.

Healing Light

healing light best starter skills in fire emblem engage
When the unit heals an ally with a staff, they recover 50% HP of the amount healed. (Picture: YouTube / Varsona)

Healing Light can be acquired after unlocking Micaiah's Emblem Ring in Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring. This Inheritable Skill will completely overhaul your opinion of Martial Monks as a class, allowing you to use Chain Guard consistently and almost negate damage from even the hardest-hitting foes.

However, there is one caveat: the unit that blocks an attack with Chain Guard takes 20% of its maximum health as damage, regardless of how hard the enemy actually hits. But that's where Healing Light comes in. Instead of spending a turn using a recovery item, you can go up to somebody and heal them.


vantage emblem ring bond effect
If the unit's HP is <=25% and the foe initiates combat, the unit can counter before the foe's first attack. (Picture: YouTube / Varsona)

Vantage allows your unit to attack first when they are attacked if they meet a certain HP threshold. It can be acquired from Leif's Emblem Ring, which comes at Bond Level 3 and can be obtained after Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Might in Fire Emblem Engage. It only costs 500 SP and will save your units from a dire situation, being able to completely turn the tide of battle before taking that fatal hit. It's worth noting that Vantage and Canter have a more advanced version that you can unlock toward the endgame, offering more advanced parameters.

Bonus Skill: Lineage

In addition, if you're playing with DLC, you can use the bonus Skill: Lineage from the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Emblem Ring, which provides any unit equipped with it with 20 bonus EXP -- which is fantastic during the early stages of the game. An alternative to Lineage would be Break Defenses (if the unit's attack breaks foe, the unit makes an extra attack at 50%); however, it is a little pricy, especially if you're just getting started.

And that completes our guide to the best Inheritable Skills to use in Fire Emblem Engage. We want to thank and credit the YouTube channel Varsona for this guide's content. If you enjoyed this guide, we recommend checking out Varsona's channel for more related content.

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