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What Is The Somniel In Fire Emblem Engage? - All Shops & Activities

The Somniel is the ultimate pitstop in Fire Emblem Engage, where you can prepare for battle, get to know allies, and loads more!
What Is The Somniel In Fire Emblem Engage? - All Shops & Activities

Learn about all the activities and shops available at the Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage!

Following its release on 20 January 2023, Fire Emblem Engage has already achieved widespread acclaim. And that should hardly be a surprise! The game boasts a thrilling, immersive story with over 26 chapters and a wide range of playable characters, through which you can engage in various activities and explore the many wonders of Elyos.

So as you journey through the game's many chapters, the Somniel serves as "your home away from home," where you can rest and prepare for the journey ahead. Whether you're looking to buff up your stats, improve your relationships with your allies, or simply take a break from the non-stop action and adventure, the Somniel has something for everyone.

All Activities At The Somniel In Fire Emblem Engage

The Somniel has three main areas of focus: preparing for battle, getting to know allies, and other activities. Some activities include stocking up on items and weapons, communicating and forming bonds with Emblems, engaging in training or practice battles, and creating or sharing battle maps.

Additionally, players can deepen their bonds with allies by chatting with them, participating in Café Terrace, giving gifts to other characters, having their fortune told, and taking care of animals at the Farmyard. We've listed every area in the Somniel and the activities for each below in Fire Emblem Engage.

everything to do at the somniel in fire emblem engage
There are loads of activities and shops at the Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage. (Picture: Nintendo)


  • Access the Armory and Item Shop to stock up before heading into combat
    • The Item Shop offers an assortment of consumable items, while the Armory is where you can purchase weapons and other combat resources. You can also upgrade weapons at the Smithy or buy clothes and accessories at the Boutique to slay in style!

Ring Chamber

  • Inherit Skills from Emblems
  • Create Bond Rings to boost stats
  • Meld Bong Rings to form even more powerful Rings.
  • Polish Rings after they've been tarnished in battle.


  • Participate in practice battles to gain experience (Standard).
  • Battle against Emblems to improve your bonds (Emblem).

Tower of Trials

  • Take on a series of battles to earn in-game rewards
  • Participate in Trials, such as creating and sharing battle maps for use in defensive battles with other players (Note: you can only have one map per Nintendo Account).

Café Terrace

  • Order and share a meal with allies (depending on the meal, stats might be affected in subsequent battles).


  • Take care of animals found in the continent of Elyos and house them in the Stable.
  • You can also feed, pet, or dress up the mysterious creature Sommie.

Training Yard

  • Work out with your characters to temporarily boost their stats.

Fish Pond

  • Yank out the 'ol fishing rod and participate in the Fishing minigame to earn Bond Fragments and recipes.

Amiibo Gazebo

  • Tap compatible Amiibo figures to receive useful items. By tapping Amiibo from a particular Fire Emblem series, you can unlock attire and music from games in which they originally appeared.

Private Quarters

    • Lie down to rest, and sometimes an ally might wake you up.

That's everything you can do at the Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage! Check out the official "Welcome to the Somniel" video embedded below for a visual walkthrough.

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