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All Missable Units In Fire Emblem Engage: Optional Character Guide

Here are all the optional units you can potentially miss in Fire Emblem Engage.
All Missable Units In Fire Emblem Engage: Optional Character Guide

Fire Emblem has always loved to throw a ton of colorful characters at the player so they can expand their army. Fire Emblem Engage is no exception, and it is possible to add several units or Emblems to your army via main story missions, Paralogues, and even DLC. However, as per Fire Emblem tradition, some of the recruitable units in Fire Emblem Engage are entirely optional. These units can be missed if you fail to recruit them in a mission, or they die in combat before you reach them. 

As any Fire Emblem enthusiast will tell you, getting through the game with all of your units intact is the most satisfying experience. With that in mind, players looking to achieve this goal will need to know what units they can potentially miss out on before they are gone forever. This article will cover all the optional units you can miss in Fire Emblem Engage. 

All Optional Units In Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage
Several units can be missed throughout Fire Emblem Engage. (Picture: Nintendo)

In total, there are 6 optional units in Fire Emblem Engage. This is a far cry from earlier games like Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, for example, which had a whopping 25 optional units!  Things have been toned down a lot in Fire Emblem Engage, which is a welcome change. Regardless, here is the full list of optional units in Fire Emblem Engage:

  • Jean: Chapter 6 Paralogue - "Budding Talent"
  • Anna: Chapter 7 Paralogue - "Mysterious Merchant"
  • Jade: Chapter 9 Main Story Mission
  • Seadall: Chapter 15 Main Story Mission
  • Lindon: Chapter 18 Main Story Mission
  • Saphir: Chapter 19 Main Story Mission

In order to recruit these characters, Alear will have to speak with them (aside from Jean, who is recruited automatically at the end of the mission if he survives). Additionally, Lindon will appear as hostile initially and will engage both Alear and the rest of their army in combat until recruited. Most units in earlier Fire Emblem games were recruited from enemy armies and would appear hostile to the player, so only having to deal with one enemy in Fire Emblem Engage is great. 

Fire Emblem Engage
Players can recruit units by speaking to them with Alear. (Picture: Nintendo)

It is important to have Alear make a beeline for these units in any given mission, as you will want to recruit them as quickly as possible. Until recruited, these characters are controlled by A.I., and so will do very stupid things on the battlefield by putting themselves in harm's way. Once you gain control of them, you can move them to safety and heal them. 

And that's everything you need to know about optional units in Fire Emblem Engage!

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