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How To Farm Money Fast In Fire Emblem Engage

Here are some of the best ways to get money and level up fast, including farming unlimited Gold in Fire Emblem Engage.
How To Farm Money Fast In Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical role-playing game requiring players to make strategic decisions to succeed across all its story chapters. One important aspect of the game is managing your resources, specifically Gold, which is used to purchase weapons, items, and other important resources. As a result, knowing the best way to farm Gold quickly in Fire Emblem Engage is crucial. This guide will detail all the ways you can get money and level up (earn EXP) fast in the game.

How To Farm Gold & Level Up Fast In Fire Emblem Engage

As the old saying goes: "you've got to spend money to get money." The first method to farm money in Fire Emblem Engage is through donations. By donating Gold to one of the four kingdoms in Elyos via the Bulletin Board in Cafe Terrace, you can level them up and increase the number of rare enemies that spawn there. As a result, you can farm stronger rewards in battle.

The next method to farm Gold in Fire Emblem Engage is by playing Skirmishes and defeating rare enemies like the Silver or Gold Corrupted. By slaying these foul foes, you'll earn EXP and Gold depending on which Corrupted enemies you encounter (tip: check their inventory). As mentioned earlier, by investing Gold into the four kingdoms, you can increase the spawn rate of these enemies, allowing you to level up and farm Gold quickly after killing them.

how to farm gold fast fire emblem engage
Playing Skirmishes is a quick and easy way to farm Gold in Fire Emblem Engage. (Picture: Nintendo)

Another easy way to get money in Fire Emblem Engage is by completing side quests and story chapters for each kingdom. It's worth noting that you can also collect Spirits of the Fallen if you have online connectivity enabled. While this feature will allow you to know if you're treading dangerous areas, you can also pick up and sell the fallen victims' items. Notably, you'll need a Switch Online subscription to access this feature.

Best Way To Farm Unlimited Gold In Fire Emblem Engage

Finally, the best way to farm Gold in Fire Emblem Engage requires purchasing the DLC and then recruiting Tiki and Anna to your party. After completing Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring, you'll need to find and defeat Tiki in her Divine Paralogue on an island south of the World Map. Next, you can recruit Anna by speaking to her in Paralogue 2: Mysterious Merchant (Anna's Chapter) of Fire Emblem Engage.

Once Tiki and Anna are recruited to your party, you must equip Tiki's Bracelet on Anna and then level her up to Master Class at Level 10. Next, when prompted, advance her to High Priest to increase her Luck stat. After doing this, Anna will have a chance to get 500 Gold every time she defeats an enemy (due to her Persona Skill, Make A Killing). And that concludes our guide on how to farm money and level up quickly in Fire Emblem Engage.

best way to farm unlimited gold money fire emblem engage
Advancing Anna to High Priest will give her a chance to earn 500G upon killing an enemy. (Picture: Nintendo)

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