Top 10 most entertaining Fortnite weapons

Top 10 most entertaining Fortnite weapons
Fortnite is the pop culture phenomenon that has become much larger than gaming, much larger than Epic Games could ever have dreamed. This isn't for no reason, either. The game is fun to its very core, which brings you this list: the most fun weapons and equipment available in Fortnite. Watch as Adam Savage runs through our top 10, but scroll down if you can't watch the video right now: we've got them listed right here for you to read.

10. Damage Trap

Fortnite trap

A noob killer that can also catch a seasoned player rushing you off guard, Damage Traps are great fun, brutally impaling enemies that come in range and can be activated more than once.

9. Launch Pad

Launch pad

The Launch Pad is brilliant for repositioning yourself to avoid the Eye of the Storm or for giving your enemies a nasty surprise. Another bonus is that any player can use a Launch Pad once it has been placed, including your team-mates.

8. Remote Explosives

Fortnite remote explosives

There’s plenty of fun to be had lining a building with Remote Explosives and then patiently waiting to blow everyone to hell, even if it means you’re going with them.

7. Hand Cannon

Fortnite hand cannon

Outside of Sniper Rifles there is no other weapon that can deal as much damage for a Headshot as a Hand Cannon. It’s the Desert Eagle of Fortnite: Battle Royale, and the exhilaration you feel when you land an explosive shot from one of these is hard to match.

6. Minigun

Fortnite minigun

The Minigun is not a great weapon but as it takes light bullets you often find yourself stacked for ammo when you pick one up. Simply hold down fire and watch your enemies panic as you rip through their beautifully crafted fort.

5. Rocket Launcher

Fortnite Rocket Launcher

The perfect late game weapon, the Rocket Launcher may fire slowly but the damage it can do to forts, trees and players is catastrophic.

4. Bush

Fortnite bush

The likeness is uncanny and even close up enemies will have a hard time spotting you, making it the perfect cover for using that Legendary Hand Cannon or Suppressed Pistol you got your hands on.

3. Clinger Grenade

Fortnite Clinger Grenade

If aimed correctly it will latch on to your enemy before then exploding for 100 damage after 2 and a half seconds, and the beauty is…. there is nothing they can do about it.

2. Impulse Grenade

Fortnite impulse grenadeYou can knock enemies into the Eye of the Storm, you can Impulse your knocked team-mates to safety. Generally though the Impulse Grenade is used for a bit of fun when you’re bored or too lazy to build platforms to reach high places.

1. Boogie Bomb

Fortnite boogie bomb

Right in the heat of battle you can force your enemies to Boogie Down and even lay down some emotes yourself. The perfect way to humiliate your opponent.

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