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GINX Esports TV
GINX Esports TV

ASUS ROG Winter 2019 on GINX Esports TV

GINX Esports TV is happy to be bringing the ASUS ROG WINTER 2019 tournament to its channel. The event will be broadcast in English from the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre. unnamed-5-300x95.jpg Please find below details about the tournament. The CS:GO tournament takes place from February 1-2 2019, with six teams battling it out for their share of the €12,500 prize pool. The tournament features a single elimination, best of three bracket with teams qualifying through both invitation and the Finnish qualifier. From 9pm GMT on both Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd, tune in to GINX Esports TV to follow the tournament and see who is crowned the champion of ASUS ROG Winter 2019.