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The BLAST Pro Series: Istanbul 2018 on GINX Esports TV

GINX Esports TV is pleased to announce its partnership with BLAST Pro Series to broadcast its next Counter-Strike tournament later this week, the BLAST Pro Series: Istanbul 2018. BLAST Pro Series is one of the most exciting and engaging live esports events available. With all teams playing on the main stage at the same time, the CS:GO tournament is one esports fans don’t want to miss. BLAST Pro Series GINX Esports TV GINX TV is partnering with the organiser to bring the tournament to its viewers in the UK, where the leading esports TV channel is available on Sky (Ch 433) and Virgin Media (Ch 290), from Friday 28th, 10pm. “With teams such as Astralis, Cloud 9 and Virtus.pro fighting for a $250 000 prize pool, BLAST Pro Series promises to be one very entertaining esports experience. I invite everyone to watch it if they can, regular and first-time esports viewers,” says Solenne Lagrange, Marketing Director for GINX Esports TV. For more details about how to watch GINX Esports TV, visit our How to Watch page or ask your TV provider.

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