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Why GOD OF WAR is One gigantic continuous Camera Shot

There’s not many games we would consider generation-defining. Something that pushes boundaries, raises benchmarks, and inspires awe in players and critics alike
Something like God of War. A tale of fate, vengeance, truth and perseverance, of toppling gods, and of simple family values.
It had an awful lot going for it; -the captivating story, the expansive and awe-inspiring world, and the ensemble of captivating actors that brought the diverse cast of characters to life.
But there’s one more subtle detail that makes the game one of a kind. It’s not something that demands constant attention, and many players may not even notice its presence - but that’s just a testament to its success.
The one-take.
From your first moments in Kratos’ hut, through to the game's explosive climax and eventual resolution, the entire game is one camera take. No breaks, no cuts, no loading screens.
It’s a remarkable feat of game design, technical achievement, and creative direction - but why do it?
The game is cutting edge in several other regards - why make this additional gambit - and are the payoffs for something like this worth all the additional complications in production?
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