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Where To Find & Use Chapaa Fur In Palia

Known for their cheerful personality and ability to scurry away in fear, Chaapas can be hunted for their meat and fur, used for crafting in Palia.
Where To Find & Use Chapaa Fur In Palia

The stunning open world of Kilima Village is bustling with lively activity, unique biodiversity, and plenty of creatures that can be found in surrounding areas day and night. One such animal that can predominately be seen happily munching on fresh grass during the daytime or running away from players is the Chaapa.

Although in talking with Hassian, he stated that Chaapas are an evasive species and, therefore, can be hunted for their meat and fur, which the latter can be used in crafting. If you have the heart to hunt down these jovial critters, you can learn more in this guide on the best Chaapa hunting locations and how to use Chaapa Fur in Palia.

Best Hunting Locations To Find Chaapa In Palia

Chaapa is small rodent-like critters that roam the grassy plains and cliffsides throughout Kilima Village. They’re recognizable for their rather flat-looking faces, round bodies, fluffy tails, and carefree demeanor when undisturbed.

palia resources guide chaapa fur how to get how to find kilima village chaapa crossing
Without a care in the world, unless threatened, Chaapas can be seen across Kilima Village in the daytime. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

When approaching them, they will scurry away from players for a distance before burrowing into the ground and disappearing. If you intend to hunt Chaapa to acquire their fur, pelts, and meat, it’s best to track from a distance using a reliable bow and arrow, which the Makeshift Bow and Arrows can be obtained from Hassian.

As for the best hunting grounds to find plenty of Chaapa roaming in Kilima Village, there are a handful of spots, with the clearing between the village and Chaapa Crossing being the best location. You can find Hassian and his canine companion, Tau, in this area if you need to make additional purchases.

Another prime hunting location is the area surrounding the Mirror Pond Ruins, where you can also spot some Sernuk roaming if you’re looking to get Sernuk Hide to be treated to Leather. Lastly, the area across from the Daiya Family Farm in Leafhopper Hills had an abundance of Chaapa and Sernuk.

How To Use Chaapa Fur In Palia?

palia resources guide chaapa fur how to use crafting furniture making log cabin armchair
Chaapa Fur is one of the resources required to craft the Log Cabin Armchair at your Worktable. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Once you’ve located a Chaapa or three and successfully hunted them, you can loot the small bag on the ground to acquire Chaapa Tail, Meat, or Fur. The latter is utilized in crafting items relating to the Furniture Making skill, for which the experience earned contributes towards leveling this skill.

Some items that require Chaapa Fur include the Log Cabin Armchair, Bed and Couch, Kilima Couch, and Kilima Inn Couch. It’s also used in making Sneaky Smoke Bombs and the Hunter’s Horn tool, as these recipes are purchased from Auni and Hassian, respectively.

Lastly, you can also craft the Homestead Dress Form, a static mannequin utilized in tailoring or displaying clothing items. This recipe can be bought from Tish from her Guild Store and found at her Furniture Store in Kilima Village or next door at Jel’s Tailor Store after hours.