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Palia: How To Get & Use The Datura Flower Seeds

Claimed to be poisonous flowers, they possess magical properties at full moon, so here's how to get and use Datura Flower seeds in Palia.
Palia: How To Get & Use The Datura Flower Seeds
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Singularity 6's cozy MMO opened its gates to welcome the Spring season to Kilima Village and Bahari Bay following the release of the 0.178 patch update. This was followed up with the recent 0.179 update, which added more flowers to the game, including the Datura Flower.

This specific flower is highly regarded as poisonous amongst the Majiri; however, it possesses a unique property that Tamala should have her hands on. Palians interested in learning about the Datura Flower, we've provided all the details surrounding this flower, including how to get and use these flower seeds in Palia.

How To Get And Use The Datura Flower Seeds In Palia?

Palians can get Datura Flower seeds by locating and catching Lunar Fairy Moths in Bahari Bay. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The recent two patch updates for Palia have been Spring-themed so that Palians can enjoy new seasonal-themed content from new Furniture sets, decor items, Outfits, and Gliders. In keeping with the Spring theme, flowers can now be grown on the Housing Plot, which they've made obtainable by acquiring seeds in-game.

This gives Palians more reasons to spend time outdoors working on their Housing Plot as the developer added ten more flowers for them to collect. Akin to the first batch of flowers released in the 0.178 patch update, they can acquire these flowers by getting their seeds before they can be used in-game.

Using the Datura Flower seeds is relatively straightforward; however, getting them can be done in one of three ways. The first and obvious way is by engaging in Bug Catching activities, as they'll need to find Lunar Fairy Moths, which are only found in Bahari Bay.

Some of the notable spawning locations for Lunar Fairy Moths are Hideaway Bluffs and Pulsewater Plains during the evening and night hours. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

As for where they usually spawn in Bahari Bay, they can head to Hideaway Bluffs and Pulsewater Plains, where they can be seen alongside Kilima Night Moths. Likewise, they also spawn with Paper Lantern Bugs at the Statue Garden, Proudhorn Pass, Thorny Thicket, The Outskirts, and the Flooded Steps between 6 pm and 3 am in-game.

Ensure that there are enough Smoke Bombs in their Ammo Pouches and a few Honey Lures if they need to catch other flower seeds from bugs found at these locations. If Bug Catching sounds tedious, they can visit Auni during the morning and afternoon hours in Kilima Village, where he sells Datura Flower seeds for ten Skill Medals from his Guild Store.

Lastly, to get more Datura Flower seeds without catching more Lunar Fairy Moths, ensure they have acquired some seeds before planting them onto the ground. Water the seeds and wait for them to bloom after two to three days, during which they are guaranteed to drop one Datura Flower seed per flower.