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Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Errands For Reth Quest

Help Reth complete a series of errands around Kilima Village before delivering the goods to Ashura for the Errands For Reth quest in Palia.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Errands For Reth Quest

Reth is one of the first Villagers, aside from Jina, Hekla, and Ashura, whom you’ll meet during the tutorial quest in Palia. As you continue your adventures and befriend many of the Villagers, you’ll learn that not much is known about him other than he and Tish being siblings but this changes in the Errands For Reth quest.

As you assist Reth in completing his errand around Kilima Village, you’ll learn more about this talented young cook in the Errands For Reth quest. With that being said, we’ve pulled out the Alamanac to help you complete this quest and help Reth finish his errands in Palia.

Palia Errands For Reth Quest Objective List

palia quests guide errands for reth quest objectives ormuus horn inn ashura
Inform Reth at the Ormuu's Honrn Inn that Ashura is looking for him. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Errands For Reth is a Discovery quest given to you by Ashura when chatting with him, which prompts a response of him looking for Reth. Ashura is revealed to be concerned about whether Reth has been doing his tasks, and he asks you to check up on him at Ormuu’s Horn Inn; once you do, Reth asks you to help him with the following tasks:

  1. Tell Reth Ashura’s looking for him
  2. Deliver food to Eshe
  3. Pick up the pickles from Nai’o
  4. Pick up the meat from Hassian
  5. Deliver the goods to Ashura

How To Complete The Errands For Reth Quest In Palia?

Ashura appears to be concerned about Reth, and he sends you to check up on him; Reth seems to have forgotten to complete a few tasks. This quest sees you helping Reth complete a couple of errands around Kilima Village before returning to Ashura, leaving you with an all-important decision: to gossip or not to gossip.

These errands can be completed in any order; however, it would be best to complete them in order of which Villager is closest, which could be Eshe at City Hall. You’ll be delivering food to Eshe, which she responds to her reasoning for getting food from the inn due to problems with her in-house chef.

palia quests guide errands for reth quest objectives nai'o ormuu pen location
Collect the pickles from Nai'o, who can be found at Ormuu Pen at the Daiya Family farm in Leafhopper Hills. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Next on the list of errands is to collect pickles from Nai’o, who can be found at Ormuu Pen near the Daiya Family farm, and you can collect the pickles before setting off on the final task. Lastly, you need to collect meat from Hassian, who can be seen walking the plains between Kilima Village and Chappa Crossing and after hours at Bahari Bay.

With all the errands completed, you can return to Ashura at Ormuu’s Horn Inn or Remembrance Garden and personally deliver all the goods to him. You can let Ashura know that you or Reth have completed the errands, and you’ll receive various rewards.

You can get 20 Renown, 13 Eggs, and 20 Wild Garlic bulbs for completing the quest, and Reth will forward you either a Sweet Berry Pie or Truffle Tart to your Mailbox. Additionally, you can receive 100 Gold for delivering Eshe’s food, star-quality produce from Nai’o, and Chappa Fur from Hassian.