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Where To Get The Landscapes Customization Options In Palia

Travel to a new, fresh, and vibrant destination with a few clicks, as Landscape options are available to purchase in Palia, as detailed in this guide!
Where To Get The Landscapes Customization Options In Palia
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Palia's Bloomin' Bounties update has been live on the servers for some time as Palians have been actively engaging with the new content, which includes the return of Zeki's Prize Wheel, new Building Block varieties, and earning double loot with the Party Buffs mechanic. New optimizations and premium cosmetics have also arrived at the Premium Store for Palians to view and make their purchases, which developer Singularity 6 added a new type of cosmetic called Landscapes.

This new cosmetic is tied to the Housing system, for which Palians can personalize their Housing Plot and enhance it visually with three new options. If they're interested in learning more about the Landscape customization option, we've discussed it in this guide and explained how to get it in Palia.

How To Get The Landscapes Customization Options In Palia?

Palia's recent v0.181 patch update, the Bloomin' Bounties update, added plenty of new bug fixes, adjustments, and improvements and a bevy of new content and features to explore. Likewise, the update also welcomes a host of new premium cosmetics to browse and acquire from the Premium Store, which includes new Outfits and bundles, Gliders, Pets, and a new type of cosmetic for their Housing Plot.

Introducing Landscapes, a new type of premium cosmetics tailor-made for the Housing Plot to enhance their plot. According to the patch notes, this new customization option "visually updates the environment surrounding your home plot with a fresh, new destination" once Palians have acquired and equipped the preferred Landscape option.

As for how to get them and what options are available, they can access the Premium Store via the Character or Map Menu when pressing the C or M keys or by interacting with the Wardrobe before clicking the gold shop register icon at the top right of the screen. Lastly, they can visit Jel's Tailor Shop in the village square of Kilima Village, head inside, and interact with the cash register to direct them to the Premium Store.

The Bloomin' Bounties update added new optimizations to the Premium Store UI to make browsing more streamlined with the addition of tabs. Palians can hover over the tabs to find the Landscapes tab and click on it to see these new customization options, which we've detailed below with their pricing included:

  • Kilima Heights Landscape: "Let your home bask in the fresh mountain air with the Kilima Heights Landscape, set upon the mountain cliffs over Kilima Village."
    • Pricing: 1,275 Palia Coins
  • Shipwreck Isles Landscape: "Embrace summer with the beachy vibes of Shipwreck Isles, complete with sandy shores. Explore deeper to find a secret hideaway and more!"
    • Pricing: 2,550 Palia Coins
  • Wooded Grove Landscape: "Set your home in a wooded haven full of lush green trees and forest flair."
    • Pricing: 425 Palia Coins

Don't forget that they can purchase Palia Coins from the Premium Store by clicking the Palia Coin icon with the plus (+) symbol and choosing from the available bundles. Once they've purchased a landscape, they can return to their Housing Plot and bring up the Housing Menu by pressing the H key and clicking the Plot Settings top center to equip their purchased or preferred Landscape to their Plot.

Furthermore, Palians can assign each plot its Landscape option, which is great news for those who have multiple homes on different plots. However, there is no option to preview which option best suits their plot layout and design, so it's up to the Palians themselves to see which option is well-suited for their homes and plots.