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Where To Find Zeki's Prize Wheel Game In Palia

Another Maji Market feature, the Prize Wheel, returned to Palia in the 0.181 update that has Palians spinning the wheel to claim prizes and more.
Where To Find Zeki's Prize Wheel Game In Palia
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Developer Singularity 6 had promised the Palia community that aspects of this year's Maji Market event would be seen once again in-game in future patches. This was evident when the Hotpot Mini Game returned in the 0.180 patch update, and now the Prize Wheel has found its way back to Palia, which we advised not asking Zeki how he managed to acquire them.

Zeki's Prize Wheel functions similarly to its Maji Market version, although this time, Palians won't be spending tickets to spin the wheel and earn bloomingly spectacular rewards. This guide details everything about Zeki's Prize Wheel, including how to find it and how it works for Palia.

How To Find The Zeki's Prize Wheel Game In Palia?

According to the recent v0.181 patch notes released by developer Singularity 6, a new locale was added to Palia, which can be found deeper underground when exploring Kilima Village. This latest addition first appeared during the last iteration of the Maji Market event, which occurred in January 2024, celebrating the Lunar New Year, and now it joins another market locale to be found in-game.

Alongside the Hotpot Mini Game, Zeki's Prize Wheel makes a triumphant return in-game. Palians can start spinning the wheel to claim various prizes in the form of Prize Bags. As for where exactly in Kilima Village they can locate Zeki's Prize Wheel, they can head to Zeki's Underground Black Market, below Zeki's General Store in the village square.

This marketplace can be accessed in one of three ways: finding The Sewers entrance beneath Remembrance Garden, which is marked on the map during the Wares in Low Places quest, or via Reth's Storeroom in the basement of Ormuu's Horn Inn, which is accessible after obtaining Reth's key during the Piece of Cake Friendship quest. Lastly, the final way to enter the Underground Black Market becomes available after completing the Wares in Low Places quest, where they can pull a loose book found on a bookshelf in the basement of Zeki's General Store.

Once they've successfully located the Underground Black Market, move past the Furniture Showroom into the Arcade area, where they can find two Zeki's Prize Wheels on either side of this space. However, to spin the wheel, Palians must obtain Prize Wheel Coins, earned by playing the Hotpot Mini Game, as they can earn one coin for losing a game and two coins for winning.

Try your luck at spinning Zeki's Prize Wheel at the Underground Black Market to claim unique rewards. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

They can redeem the coins by spinning the wheel, which requires two Prize Wheel Coins to spin, and they receive the related Prize bag depending on where it lands. Below, we've listed the potential Prize Bags and the rewards to be earned by spinning Zeki's Prize Wheel:

  • Decor Prize Bag (Purple): The Pirate Decor Furniture set
  • Fireworks Prize Bag (Pink): Various fireworks, including the Crackling, Peony, and Waterfall Fireworks
  • Gold Prize Bag (Green): Gold coins
  • Ingredients Prize Bag (Blue): Various ingredients, including Butter, Milk, and Spice Sprouts
  • Lucky Coin Prize Bag (Brown): Zeki's Lucky Coins
  • Plushie Prize Bag (Gold): Jumbo Ancient Fish Plushie, Jumbo Chapaa Plushie, and Jumbo Maji Plushie

Palians can interact with Zeki's Prize Wheel at any time of the day if they have at least two Prize Wheel Coins to spin the wheel. This cannot be said for the Hotpot Mini Game, which is only available between 6 pm and 3 am Palian time (in-game) at the Underground Black Market.