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Where To Get The Life-Sized Tau Plushie In Palia?

Everybody's favorite doggo can finally be befriended in Palia and as a reward, a life-size toy. Here's how to get the Tau Plushie in Palia.
Where To Get The Life-Sized Tau Plushie In Palia?

Palia’s latest game update adds new Villagers quests for players to pick up when improving their Friendships. One series of Villager quests finally lets players become great buddies with Hassian’s hunting companion, Tau, who, completing his quests, will award you with a plushie in his likeness.

If you wish to get your hands on Tau's giant ol’ toy plush, you must chat with him to increase your friendship and unlock his quests. In full detail, we’ve explained how to get the life-sized Tau Plushie to decorate your home in Palia.

How To Get The Life-Sized Tau Plushie In Palia?

The 0.168 patch update addressed plenty of bug fixes, game adjustments, and new content, which includes a new Friendship path for Hassian’s canine companion, Tau. Long last, players can befriend this adorable doggo as they explore his backstory and become best pals while earning rewards through various Friendship quests.

One of the rewards players can earn when completing Tau’s Friendship quest is the life-sized Tau Plushie. According to the 0.168 patch notes, the developer noted that players can only receive it by raising their Friendship level with Tau by conversing with him and giving him gifts that will unlock his Friendship quests.

To help increase your Friendship with Tau, you can give him gifts like Sweet Leaf, Chapaa, and Sernuk Meat. Additionally, the Common Field Cricket and Unopened Oysters are a few of Tau’s Weekly Wants when this option becomes available after conversing with him.

palia items guide life sized tau plushie where to get how to get friendship quests level 4 chapaa crossing location
You can find Tau during the daytime in the Chapaa Crossing area with Hassian, where you can stop by and have a chat with him. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Most importantly, remember to speak with Tau daily to earn Friendship XP, which will significantly help improve your Friendship with Tau. Tau can often be seen alongside Hassian around the Chapaa Crossing area and after hours at the Ormuu's Horn Inn before heading home in Bahari Bay.

As you’ll need to complete every Friendship quest to unlock Tau’s Level 4 Friendship quest, we’ve listed below all Tau’s Friendship quests available in Palia:

  • Not-So-Good Boy


  • A Whole Lotta Work


  • Full (of Trash) House


  • In the Doghouse

The Level 4 Friendship quest in question that players will need to complete is called In the Doghouse, as you’ll be assisting Hassian in uncovering Tau’s peculiar behavior, which resulted in Tau getting banned from the village center. As you’ll be looking for clues to clear Tau’s name and restore his status as Kilima Village’s good boy, you’ll receive Renown and the plushie as rewards.