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Adept back at xQc's house: Are Twitch power couple back together?

Felix "xQc" Lengyel could be heard talking to Adept during a recent live stream, signalling that Adept may have returned to his home. Are the Twitch power couple getting back together?
Twitch icons, Felix "xQc" Lengyel and Adept, previously announced that they broke up on the 7th of August. Adept was the first to publicize the breakup, albeit in a somewhat cryptic manner, tweeting: "I live with a clear conscious knowing the whole truth about who I am and what I've experienced :) The external noise can get real loud but it's really just noise at the end of the day."

xQc later confirmed the breakup on Twitter and urged fans not to speculate and prod for answers. At the time, it seemed as though all avenues for remediation between the pair were lost. More recently, however, Adept could be heard speaking to xQc during his Twitch stream, signalling that she may have returned to xQc's house.

Adept back at xQc's house: Are Twitch couple back together?

On the 24th of August, xQc was streaming Border Security on Twitch when all of a sudden someone walked in off-camera and could be very faintly heard saying: "I want a hug." xQc then got up from his chair and briefly went off-camera. The voice sounded like it was Adept and xQc's Twitch chat seemed to agree.

xQc and Adept speculated to be back together again twitch couple
xQc and Adept speculated to be back together again. (Picture: Twitter / Adept)

Shortly after the interruption, xQc's Twitch chat began spamming messages that Adept and xQc were back together. When xQc returned to his seat, we can hear Adept asking if xQc is "feeling good" to which he responded: "Yep but I'm a little hungry though", later adding that he will order some food.

xQc then said "Sammy is real" in response to the chat messages. At this point, it's hard to say whether xQc and Adept are back together as a couple. The two streamers have a historied relationship together and her return to xQc's house could also simply mark the continuation of their friendship.

In the past, the streamers got into a heated argument that left Adept in tears. The argument began in Grand Theft Auto roleplay and later spilt over into real life but they managed to patch things up in the end.

When the news broke that the couple had split on the 7th of August, fans were left heartbroken and speculated as to why the two broke up. Neither xQc nor Adept gave a reason for their break up (nor should they) although it seems as though there is at least potential for them to continue their friendship.

Adept asks xQc for a hug during Twitch stream
Adept asks xQc for a hug during Twitch stream. (Picture: Twitter / Adept)

It's hard to say whether xQc and Adept are back together, however, it does seem as though Adept is living with xQc at his house once again. If this is true, it's possible that they are indeed together again.

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Header image via  Twitch / xQc / Adept.