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Alinity cat tossing scandal reemerges after YourRAGE Twitch ban

Twitch star, Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon asks fans to stop bringing up the cat tossing scandal.
Twitch star, Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon, has had her fair share of controversy, and definitely didn't have an easy time this year due to bullying. Now, some people are yet again bringing up the Alinity cat tossing scandal, spurred on by an unrelated Twitch ban on YourRAGE.

Alinity cat tossing scandal reemerges

Back in July 2019, Alinity was playing Apex Legends during a live stream and got angry at her cat. She picked up the cat from her desk, and tossed it behind her chair, then continued to play.

This topic has been brought up several times before, and now, it has reemerged once again after another Twitch streamer, YourRAGE, got banned for an unknown reason.

Alinity shared some disturbing mentions with racist and sexist comments in a Tweet, stating: "Looks like someone got banned last night. Wake up to tons of these mentions. It's been over a year can we let it go". 

The tweet contains images with sensitive subjects, so view at your own risk here.

Alinity cat tossing scandal yourrage twitch banned

(Picture: Alinity)


It looks like Alinity fans who had something nice to say about her even got attacked as well, as Alinity explained: "To everyone that had something nice to say or even something just neutral I'm sorry you got attacked by these ppl.

"Please don't let these experiences harm the goodness in your hearts. Compassion, love, and understanding for all. I won't make a tweet like this again. Sorry."

The Alinity cat tossing scandal reemerged once again after another Twitch streamer, YourRAGE, got banned from Twitch for an unknown reason.

This infamous Alinity cat tossing scandal, as well as some other incidents, even caused the famous streamer to publically deny Twitch favouritism allegations

It remains to be seen if fans will finally let it go, or if Alinity will continue to get bombarded with mentions of something which happened more than a year ago.