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Alinity Wanted To Die After Being Body Shamed For Viral Nip Slip

Twitch streamer Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon revealed that her viral "t*tty flash" was the most negatively impacting moment of her career.
Alinity Wanted To Die After Being Body Shamed For Viral Nip Slip

Twitch streamer Natalia "Alinity" Mogollon joined Dustin "DKane" Kane Morris's Livestream on 3 November 2022 to discuss various controversial topics, including her past experiences on the Amazon-owned streaming platform. Accordingly, one of the topics discussed during the stream was the most negatively impactful moment in her streaming career: Alinity's viral "nip slip."

The streamer revealed that her viral "oopsie" on 24 April 2020 was one of the worst controversial incidents she's experienced on Twitch. Alinity said that the incident caused her to wail for hours and hours on end in the shower, adding that she felt like all she wanted to do was die at that moment.

twitch streamer natalia alinity mogollon nip flash incident wanted to die
Alinity said that after her "t*tty flash," she screamed and wailed in her bathroom and wanted to die.

Alinity's confession started when DKane asked her, "of all the things I guess that had controversy or other things that you got hate for, what would you say affected you the most." In her response, Alinity said, "Oh, the t*tty flash. That's the one that affected me the most because I got body shamed for it a lot."

Alinity explained that her viral "nip slip" was one of the worst moments of her entire life and that it affected her tremendously. She said that the breast flashing wasn't a "sexy thing" to her. Instead, she said it was "very gross." Alinity added, "I don't know if you've seen it, but it's me making a gross face, and my t*t is there, and it doesn't look good."

The Twitch streamer noted that because the incident happened right after the "cat drama" where she was criticized for throwing her cat over her head during an Apex Legends Livestream on 18 July 2019, she received a lot more harassment when the "nip slip" incident happened.

"Everyone made fun [of the t*tty flash incident]. They called me] 'pepperoni nipples; you're so gross, you're disgusting.' Every Tweet that I made, [people] would reply with a picture of [the nip slip], and I remember after that happened. I remember going to my bathroom and just wailing," Alinity said.

In addition, the Twitch star explained that the incident had caused her immense distress and frustration, making her feel like dying. "I never cried like that in my life where I was just sitting on the floor of my shower, just crying for hours and hours, like screaming. I wanted to die when that happened. So, yeah -- that was probably the thing that affected me the most," Alinity said.

The streamer mentioned that she eventually got over the incident, which didn't trouble her for too long. Furthermore, Alinity said she didn't learn much from it besides "taking agency and trying to present [herself] and body in a more positive light."

The Twitch streamer concluded by saying that the incident somewhat shifted her content direction and made her more positive about her body appearance. She also decided to stream and produce content moving away from all the body shaming and harassment.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Alinity.