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Twitch Fan Sends Amouranth $70K And "Self-Defense" Gifts

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Michelle Siragusa received $70K in cash, an iPhone, and a prepaid bodyguard service from one of her fans.
Twitch Fan Sends Amouranth $70K And "Self-Defense" Gifts

Nowadays, it's no big surprise to see a streamer receive donations ranging from a few dollars to hundreds and sometimes even thousands. For businesswoman and content creator Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Michelle Siragusa, receiving massive donations is not shocking, especially as one of Twitch's largest female streamers on the platform.

That said, on 5th December 2022, Amouranth received and opened a mysterious package during one of her latest Livestreams and was stunned to find $70,000 in cash, an iPhone, and other gifts, including a prepaid bodyguard service that the creator could contact for immediate security whenever she needed it. 

Amouranth Reacts to Self-Defense Gifts & Cash

twitch streamer amouranth
Twitch streamer Amouranth received $70,000 from an anonymous fan.

An anonymous viewer sent Amouranth a mysterious gift package. Inside it, The creator found bundles of cash, self-defense gifts, and a brand-new iPhone. Amouranth seemed stunned to receive the care package but initially thought it was a "YouTuber trying to pull a prank." That said, the package came with a letter that the streamer read out to her viewers.

The letter read, "I have provided a few defense essentials and some cash to ensure no amount of financial tampering could hinder your resolution." Following this, Amouranth noted some of the added "defense essentials" that came with the care package.

The streamer continued reading the letter, "lastly, I've included a new phone; all you have to do is activate the service. The plan is active in prepaid; no one except you will know the number. If it suits you, feel free to enter these two numbers [that will ring a bodyguard service]. This is the number of a private security company I have under a retainer. You can call them in the event of an emergency if the other contents of the bag are insufficient. I have a payment source lined up already, so the cost has already been taken care of."

Concluding that letter, the anonymous sender listed their contact details, stating, "if you ever need anything at all, do not hesitate to ask. Amouranth was genuinely shocked by the concern and honest care for her wellbeing and safety. The streamer stated, "and that's it in the letter. There's not like a creepy 'runaway with me' [or] 'please marry me' like there normally is. None of that. It's just like a letter [saying], 'here's your stuff, have a good life.'"

For Amouranth, especially after recently revealing on 16th October 2022 that the streamer had been allegedly verbally abused, harassed, gaslighted, and manipulated by her husband, it's wholesome to know that some people are looking out for the creator.

Although it's safe to assume the cash in the care package might easily be fake, and this entire gift could be a prank, it seems to be real. The streamer stated on Twitter that she was "extremely grateful" for the care package.

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