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Amouranth joins Playboy's OnlyFans competitor Centerfold

Twitch hot tub queen Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa is a founding creator of Playboy's latest platform, Centerfold, which aims to rival Onlyfans.
Amouranth joins Playboy's OnlyFans competitor Centerfold

Please note: The following article discusses material of a sexual nature that might not be appropriate for younger readers.

Twitch superstar Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa never fails to surprise fans with her business decisions, especially considering her $10 million property investment into a 7-Eleven store or strategic move buying a gas station to reduce her income tax obligations.

More recently, however, Amouranth became one of the founding members of Playboy's new platform, "Centerfold", aimed at rivalling Onlyfans.

According to the company's official press release, Centerfold is a new creator-led digital platform that allows the world's top creators "to interact directly with their fans, expand their communities and build their own personal content and commerce businesses."

Amouranth joins Centerfold, the Playboy OnlyFans competitor

The global lifestyle brand continued, adding that "Centerfold is dedicated to creative freedom, artistic expression, and sex-positivity, as the next evolution of Playboy's long history at the intersection of culture and sex."

Amouranth is listed as founding creator on Playboy's Centerfold platform
Amouranth is listed as a founding creator on Playboy's Centerfold platform. (Picture: Centerfold)

Amouranth is listed as "Kate Amouranth" among several other launch creators, including prominent names, such as international popstar Cardi B, who also serves as the platform's Founding Creative Director.

In addition, the press release names notable adult stars, such as Lana Rhodes, Mia Malkova and Ana Foxx, and many Playmates.

The news broke just weeks after Amouranth announced that she was "officially" inducted as a Playboy model on Twitter. Still, she didn't reveal any further details regarding her commitments with the adult publisher.

Before collaborating with Playboy's Centerfold, Amouranth had a thriving career on Onlyfans. For example, in a previous article, we revealed how Amouranth hauled in $200,000 from her first-ever explicit video.

In a different article, we also revealed how Amouranth slammed her haters with the simple truth that she was unfazed about hateful comments and that critics can never call her broke, having earned over $1 million from OnlyFans in a single month.

amouranth joins playboy centerfold onlyfans rival
Amouranth is one of the most successful streamers on Twitch and has a diverse income portfolio. (Picture: Twitch / Amouranth)

This is undoubtedly true considering her immense success on Twitch, Onlyfans and through her various business and property investments.

Considering that Centerfold is an Onlyfans competitor, our best guess is that Amouranth will presumably stop uploading content on her Onlyfans. However, she has not released any statement as of yet.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Amouranth and Unsplash.