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Amouranth Shares How She Multiplied Her Monthly OnlyFans Earnings

Amouranth is immensely successful, but how did she become a multi-millionaire on OnlyFans? Find out below.
Amouranth Shares How She Multiplied Her Monthly OnlyFans Earnings

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Michelle Siragusa is known for many things. From establishing herself as a frequently-watched female creator on Twitch to being a successful businesswoman owning multiple businesses, she’s paved the way for herself as one of the most famous influencers and creators online.

In an interview conducted by Business Insider, Amouranth dove deeper into her rise to fame and how she started her company, Real Work. One of the more intriguing aspects she discussed was the amplification of her earnings on OnlyFans, which was made possible by her close friends working as assistants, managing, editing, and curating her content on the platform.

How Did Amouranth Make So Much Money On OnlyFans?

amouranth onlyfans earnings how did she make so much money
Amouranth explained how she established her online business empire. (Picture: YouTube / Amouranth)

Regardless of what people may think about the platform or the content that's on it, OnlyFans is a trending, scaling, and highly profitable career for many creators, and Amouranth is no exception. In an earlier article, the internet megastar discussed her decision to join OnlyFans as purely business-related.

Amouranth said, “It was just a very sterile numbers-driven thing. I looked at the growth OnlyFans was experiencing and realized the Total Addressable Market and the mindshare the platform had was second to none in the crowd-funding [or] content monetization space.” 

amouranth of content creator onlyfans net worth
Amouranth's earnings are among the top 0.01% of OnlyFans models. (Picture: YouTube / Amouranth)

In a more recent interview with Business Insider, Amouranth revealed how she multiplied her OnlyFans earnings as a content creator with seemingly unlimited ideas, projects, and assets despite having limited time; this was considering that she also streamed on Twitch for around fifteen hours. 

Amouranth’s immense success was only made possible when she acquired her close friends to be assistants three years ago. These assistants, Morgan Bancroft, Gabrielle Martinez, and Alyssa Renee, worked on organizing, scheduling, and editing her content for the platform.

Amouranth said her “monthly OnlyFans earnings multiplied from $350,000 to $1.5 million. These wonderful assistants have now become managing directors under the content creator’s recently established business, Real Work."

amouranth multiplied monthly earnings of
Amouranth stated she'd multiplied her monthly earnings on OnlyFans from $350,000 to $1.5 million. (Picture: YouTube / Amouranth)

After debuting in July, all three talented individuals work to manage the Real Work talent agency and continue to amass profit and growth.

Despite Amouranth announcing she’ll be stepping away to “focus” on creating content on other platforms like Twitch, she continues to amass millions of dollars thanks to backlogged content that her assistants now curate and publish to drive sales.

Like any business, it doesn’t matter how hard one works; time passes the world equally. Thanks to these wonderful assistants and the business idea to establish a structure within Amourant's OnlyFans brand, she’s become a multi-millionaire influencer rivaling the biggest names in the digital space.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Amouranth.