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Arcadum responds to grooming accusations: "I made mistakes and was selfish"

The renowned D&D Twitch streamer, Arcadum, has apologised for hurting people within the community and her wife, Tiffany.
Arcadum responds to grooming accusations: "I made mistakes and was selfish"

Following multiple accusations of grooming and manipulation towards Twitch streamer Jeremy "Arcadum" Black made this past 31st August, the D&D content creator has responded to them, apologising to the women he "hurt."

After the initial allegations made by Momo, who revealed over 10 women have been affected by Arcadum's "manipulation, harassment and unprofessional conduct," more content creators stepped up and shared their stories with the Dungeonmaster. 

Amid these accusations, and his talent agency dropping him, Arcadum remained silent up until 2nd September, when he shared a twitlonger via Twitter, explaining his side of the story.

"The truth is, I have developed and engaged in a wide range of relationships with people over the years – some of them leading into sexual territories and times when I made mistakes and was selfish. I never sought out relationships purely for sexual purposes, and to be absolutely clear, I have never engaged in nonconsensual activity," Arcadum wrote in his response.

Describing these as "genuine friendships," Arcadum apologised for the hurt he has caused them. "It has become clear that I’ve betrayed those relationships, and again, I am deeply sorry for that," he said.

Arcadum has been now dropped by his talent agency. (Picture: Arcadum)

He continued by pleading former fans to show support for Tiffany, his wife, as she was shocked to hear about Arcadum's behaviour within the D&D community. 

"I want to be clear and encourage everyone to support Tiffany during this time. Tiffany has been my truest friend. Even with my mistakes and all of the ups-and-downs, she has shown me a lot of grace over the years. She will always be a part of me, and I will always love her."

The twitlonger seems to maintain very vague wording throughout, something that has angered the D&D community, with content creator Ellohime calling Arcadum out on Twitter for his lack of proper accountability. 

Ello criticised Arcadum for maintaining a false narrative of just "wanting friends," sharing a screenshot of a conversation between the two, in which Ellohime extended an invitation to play which was completely ignored, with Arcadum only responding once the variety streamer had enough "clout."

ellohime arcadum
"I realize now I didn't have the clout or the anatomy," Ellohime stated. (Picture: Ellohime)

As of the time of writing, it seems Arcadum will take some time off content creation and Twitch. Whichever ends up being his decision, we'll keep you updated.


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