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Asmongold says loot boxes shouldn't exist

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold has shared his strong stance on Loot Boxes in video games, saying that they shouldn't exist.
Asmongold says loot boxes shouldn't exist

Iconic Twitch streamer Asmongold, known by millions for his World of Warcraft, and more recently, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) content, has taken a strong stance on Loot Boxes in video games. This comes as no surprise really, as Asmongold always shares his opinions on various topics, including spending thousands of Dollars on NFTs, which he calls ridiculous. 

Loot Boxes have been a highly-debated topic for years now, as some believe they are a form of gambling, while others have learned to live with them, and a few might even like the "feature" in gaming.

Asmongold on Loot Boxes in games

In a recent stream, Asmongold shared his thoughts on Loot Boxes in video games, with his first comment being they "shouldn't exist". 

Asmongold loot boxes microtransactions opinion details video games lost ark
Asmongold discussing Loot Boxes in a recent stream. (Picture: Asmongold)

This discussion from Asmongold was likely spurred on by Lost Ark's microtransactions announcement, where it was revealed these "loot box" types would be different between regions. 

A fan asked, "why not?" and Asmongold replied by explaining his stance on Loot Boxes: "They simulate gambling and they take advantage of people who have gambling disorders and gambling tendencies. 

"Also, they [Loot Boxes] appeal primarily to children because video games are marketed to people who are younger. And I think that it gets kids into a mentality of gambling that serves as a gateway towards actual gambling whenever they become older."

Asmongold loot boxes video games microtransactions lost ark
Asmongold does not shy away from a discussion. (Picture: Asmongold)

For the most part, it appears his Twitch followers agreed with his stance on Loot Boxes and the topic of the "feature" in correlation to gambling. 

Check out the clip below where Asmongold discusses Loot Boxes in video games.

Asmongold finished off the discussion by making it abundantly clear he does not support Loot Boxes at all. The Twitch icon thinks all cosmetics should be purchasable directly from a game's store for a "certain price".

It's difficult to argue with Asmongold on this one, really, especially with his suggestion about cosmetics being purchasable for a fixed amount, and not leaving it up to luck.

This will certainly not be the last time a content creator speaks out against Loot Boxes in video games...


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Featured image courtesy of Asmongold / SeekingPNG.