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Asmongold reacts to "serious" racism in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft icon, Asmongold echoed Nmplol’s sentiments regarding discrimination and systematic racism in Azeroth, with an example of an incident that happened on Faerlina.
Asmongold reacts to "serious" racism in World of Warcraft

Twitch streamer and World of Warcraft icon, Asmongold, recently came forward to issue a response to a video featuring Nick “Nmplol” Polom. In the clip, Nick slammed Blizzard and exposed systemic racism in the WoW community, claiming that “a lot of pro players” were racist toward him and ultimately urged players to “stop playing” the game. Asmongold ushered his response during a recent live stream where he echoed Nick’s sentiments.

Asmongold echoes Nick Polom’s stance on WoW racism

On the 13th of July, Asmongold revealed that the only reason people don’t see systemic racism is “because of things like Twitch and people trying to make money off of it”.

He further added that it’s “actually super, super bad” to the point that players could not use the in-game comms because players would incessantly and maliciously use the “N” word.

nick polom nmplol twitch world of warcraft wow racism exposed blizzard
Nick Polom on systemic racism in World of Warcraft (Picture: Twitch / Nmplol)

Asmongold went on to explain an incident that occurred in a guild on his server, “Faerlina”. He indicated that members of the guild “found out that a guy was black” and proceeded to “kick him out of the guild”.

Asmongold further indicated that the members then “reinvited him back into the guild” and asked the individual “are you still black”, to which they replied “yeah”; only to be “kicked back out of the guild”.

“I’m not talking about jokes, I’m not talking about memes”, Asmongold said before adding: “This is [actually] really bad stuff, this is doxing, DDOSing…  it’s like super serious racism”.

He then detailed how some guild members would post “pictures of girls nudes constantly” in an attempt to disseminate and embarrass the girls as much as possible. “It’s the legitimate worst stuff you could possibly do”, he concluded.

Despite these incidents, Asmongold did not reciprocate Nick’s call for gamers to “stop playing” WoW. He does, however, appear to support Nick’s stance on the matter and certainly acknowledges the toxicity that exists within the WoW community.

asmongold zack twitch world of warcraft racism response nmplol
Asmongold responds to Nmplol (Picture: Twitch / Asmongold)

It’s sickening to know that this sort of degeneracy is still so prevalent in contemporary society. Indeed, this toxicity may represent only a minority of players, so we feel that Blizzard should have better moderation within their games to rid the community of such individuals.

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Header image via YouTube / Asmongold.