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Bikinibodhi banned from Twitch for co-streaming LEC

FNATIC's Rainbow Six Siege content creator, BikiniBodhi, has been banned from Twitch after a DMCA claim for restreaming the 2021 LEC Summer Split Playoffs on stream.
Emil "BikiniBodhi" Tobias André is a popular figure in the Rainbow Six Siege community, boasting over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 545,000 followers on Twitch. He joined FNATIC in October 2019 as a streamer and recently streamed the 2021 LEC Summer Playoffs to showcase a long-time rivalry between FNATIC and G2 Esports.

Unfortunately, the streamer learned the hard way that he needed permission from Riot Games to restream the playoffs after he was slammed with a DMCA claim, with a Twitch ban to go along with it.

Twitch bans Bikinibodhi after DMCA for streaming LEC Summer Split

The StreamberBans bot indicated that Bikinibodhi was banned on August 22nd at around 5:40 AM BST. We are not certain as to how long the ban will last, however, we speculate that Bikinibodhi's channel will be reinstated in the next day or two.

According to a recent Twitter post, Bikinibodhi speculates that he received a DMCA claim against his channel for "restreaming LEC playoffs". The Twitch streamer tweeted: "I'm a poopiehead for not researching if it was okay or not", adding that he was waiting on confirmation from Twitch Support on the reasoning and duration of his suspension.

Clearly bored by his suspension from Twitch, Bikinibodhi has at least looked on the bright side of the ban. He posted a follow-up tweet saying: "I think getting banned from Twitch has actually been a blessing in disguise [because I] don't have to deal with snipers or pepegas in chat" and joked that "Siege is actually really fun off-stream."

FNATIC's Rainbow Six Siege content creator, BikiniBodhi, has been banned from Twitch
FNATIC's Rainbow Six Siege content creator, BikiniBodhi, has been banned from Twitch. (Picture: Twitter / FNATIC)

Bikinibodhi confirmed that he is "still partnered" but has yet to receive any information from Twitch. "Still zero words from Twitch on the ban, great hospitality from my employer", he said. He further noted that he would "work on some YouTube content in the meantime" while he waits on feedback from Twitch.

Popular Twitch streamer, Felix "xQc" Lengyel was banned from Twitch two times in 10 days over DMCA claims. Both bans only lasted a few hours although xQc did appeal both bans. Unfortunately, Bikinibodhi has yet to receive any correspondence from Twitch regarding his ban, therefore he is unable to do so at this time.

xqc banned twitch dmca claim disney marvel felix lengyel
Felix "xQc" Lengyel was banned from Twitch over DMCA claims on his channel. (Picture: Twitch / xQcOW)

"Literally not even an automated response mentioning [the ban]. I got my stream stats for my last stream though, I guess," Bikinibodhi tweeted.

We doubt that the Twitch ban is permanent and expect that Bikinibodhi's will be reinstated in the next 24 to 48 hours time. In the meantime, fans can stay updated with his content via his YouTube channel.

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Header image via ESL /  Bikinibodhi.