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CDNThe3rd banned from Twitch for "talking about" Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight

The streamer was doing a watch party but was neither showing audio or video from the event itself.
CDNThe3rd banned from Twitch for "talking about" Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight

It's one of the biggest entertainment events of the year and one of the strangest, with YouTube star Logan Paul taking on boxing living legend Floyd Mayweather.

The bout is set to net both fighters tens of millions of dollars, the vast majority of which comes from the pay-per-view (PPV) fees and it's for this reason that huge efforts are made to make sure potential customers can't easily stream the fight from unauthorized sources.

CDNThe3rd banned Mayweather vs logan paul
The fight was sold as a PPV fight and will net both fighters millions. (Picture: Showtime)

The rules around what you can and can't do around such fights are highly restrictive, a fact that Twitch streamer, Caesar "CDNThe3rd" Noriega discovered tonight while he streamed himself watching the bout.

CDNThe3rd, who is more often seen streaming Fortnite, went all-in for the Mayweather vs Paul fight hosting a viewing party and adorning his stream with various graphics but also making sure that he didn't show any footage or play any audio from the broadcast himself.

CDNthe3rd ban
(Picture: Twitch/CDNthe3rd)

But that isn't enough, and he was banned mid-stream very likely the subject of a DMCA strike.

His ban has angered many of his fans as he wasn't streaming the fight itself.

Confusion around his ban was soon cleared up, though not to the satisfaction of his fans. Twitch business insider, Zach Bussey, pointed out that providing any commentary on the action can also fall foul of the copyright rules during such events.

"Just did a bit of research, it does seem that Amateur Play by Play violates copyright," claimed Bussey in response to his ban.

"'Broadcasting an audio description of events' without the proper rights indeed would garner a valid DMCA..."

This isn't the first time CDNThe3rd has streamed a watch party for a boxing match - having streamed his reactions to the recent Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight in April - though this is his first suspension from the platform for any infraction.

The much-hyped event went all eight rounds with no winner declared as per the rules. Floyd, who called the fight "legalized bank robbery" is expected to make US$80 million from the fight and claims he is open to fighting Jake in the future.