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Cohh Carnage extends hot tub charity stream goal deadline after massive donation

After an incredible donation brought the St. Jude’s Hospital charity total to over $900,000, Ben “Cohh Carnage” Cassel has extended the donation deadline to allow viewers to hit the coveted $1 million mark and the hot tub stream goal it entails!
Cohh Carnage extends hot tub charity stream goal deadline after massive donation

It was always supposed to be a pipe dream - million raised via a single stream, all in the name of supporting one of the world’s most important hospitals in the fight against cancer. Cohh was frank to his viewers: the ludicrous million goal was there in case any oil barons or wealthy socialites were willing to chip in and put Cohh in some ridiculous situations. In short, the longest of shots.

At the close of the charity stream for St. Jude’s Hospital yesterday (streamed on Cohh’s birthday, no less), he and his community had raised over $320,000. An exceptional effort! Some jokes about the lack of oil barons flew around twitch chat and mild disappointment some of the higher end stream goals wouldn’t be met.

And then it turned out you don’t need an oil baron, just a very generous lottery winner.

They donated $600,000 to St. Jude, bringing the total amount raised by the stream to $926,886.14. Every stream goal had now been met, except the $1million hot tub stream goal. A travesty, the community cried out, that could not stand.

Cohh clearly agreed. At the start of today’s stream, Cohh announced he would be extending the window for charity donations until the end of tomorrow’s stream (a stream being done in cosplay as Yakuza-inspired “Cohhromi”, by the way). If the additional $75,000 can be raised by that time, then the hot tub dream stream is on.

Even better, Cohh has confirmed that he is willing to fly out fellow Dropped Frames hosts ItmeJP and Ezekiel III to his house in order for them to all do the podcast from the said hot tub, should the goal be reached in time. An incredible cause and an incredible result - but now with the possibility of one of the most wholesome hot tub streams to grace the platform to boot.