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D&D Twitch streamer Arcadum accused of "grooming" several women

Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master and Twitch streamer, Jeremy "Arcadum" Black, is facing allegations of manipulating, grooming, harassing and abusing several women, according to multiple accounts on Twitter.
D&D Twitch streamer Arcadum accused of "grooming" several women

Update: Adarnum has now been dropped from his talent agency, which you can read more about here.

Original story:

Jeremy "Arcadum" Black is a popular streamer and professional Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Dungeon Master with over 269,000 followers on Twitch. The Dungeonmaster is popular for his D&D storylines on Twitch but has now found himself in hot water.

This follows after a former friend and fellow Twitch streamer, Momo, alleged that Arcadum was guilty of "grooming" more than ten women. Several other accounts of manipulation, harassment and unprofessional conduct have since surfaced by other D&D streamers, including those by Folkana, Uzuri Mia and RediculousStreams.

Momo accuses Twitch streamer of "grooming" 10+ women

On the 31st of August, Momo shared their account of being groomed and manipulated by Arcadum. According to Momo, Arcadum groomed them by manipulating their perception of their friends and other people. "I realize now that the ways he influenced my perception of my friends and other people, was simply to make sure that I would be around when he needed me, then when he got his bolster of support he would leave," Momo said.

"He would suggest things to me, analytical hyper complicated scenarios, where he would digest the things my friends did on social media, their streams, everything. He would prey on my doubt and instil in me that it was my idea to talk about it," Momo revealed.

Momo's friendship with Arcadum later crumbled after learning about how Arcadum treated several other streamers to the point that it "made [Momo] feel sick". It was after this that Momo realized that Arcadum "was not a good man."

arcadum groomed manipulated several twitch streamers
Momo claims that Arcadum groomed and manipulated them. (Picture: Momo / Twitter)

Momo concluded that they do not wish to garner sympathy, nor do they want people to feel bad for them. "I just do not want for this cycle to repeat down the road. I want to know that without a shred of doubt I can recount my experiences with the intent to prevent them from happening again, of how he groomed me and how he manipulated me so deeply, that it began to affect my life outside of our friendship. I no longer want him to have the ability to disguise his predatory actions with the comfort of camaraderie and care," Momo said.

D&D Dungeon Master Arcadum accused of sexual assault and emotional abuse

Folkona, another former friend and Twitch streamer, claimed that Arcadum abused and sexually assaulted them. "I believe I was forced and groomed into silence about my experience up until this point [...] I was sexually assaulted by Arcadum in my own home [...] He took advantage of me on the night of the 25th and used my emotional vulnerability to attempt and perform sexual acts with me," Folkona said.

Furthermore, Folkona explained that they endured "the onslaught of emotional and verbal abuse" by Arcadum, claiming that he "blatantly demonizing [them] to several of his other victims in an attempt to keep [their] voice from being heard."

Arcadum demonizing and slandering Folkona to Momo
Arcadum demonizing and slandering Folkona to Momo. (Picture: Folkona / Twitter)
Arcadum demonizing and slandering Folkona to Red
Arcadum demonizing and slandering Folkona to Red. (Picture: Folkona / Twitter)

ChickaThuy, a former admin on Arcadum's server, further claimed that Arcadum "negatively [made] transphobic remarks about trans women" in his stream. "I was emotionally abused, gaslight by Arcadum", the streamer said.

Chicka went on to explain that their experience playing D&D with Arcadum gave them PTSD. "I have PTSD from playing D&D. [I have] nightmares about Arcadum yelling at me [...] I shouldn't feel this way. I have a PhD with a wonderful husband, job, friends, and dog. I quit the webcomic because I can't continue to be abused," they said.

Arcadum allegedly harassed, groomed and abuse several D&D Twitch streamers
Arcadum allegedly harassed, groomed and abuse several D&D Twitch streamers. (Picture: Arcadum / Twitch)

Several other streamers have also started to step forward to share their personal accounts with the Dungeonmaster, which arguably prompted Arcadum to respond.

On Twitter, Arcadum announced that he would address the claims in a stream tomorrow. "Right now I am trying to find a place to set up so I can," he explained.

We'll have to wait to hear what Arcadum will have to say but one thing is certain: a simple apology stream may not cut it.

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Header image via Twitch / Arcadum.