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Destiny banned on Twitch after reportedly sharing personal information

Veteran Twitch streamer, Destiny, has found himself in deep trouble with the platform as the streamer shared a Twitch employee's contact information which resulted in his Twitch account getting suspended. The drama unfolded across various digital and social media platforms pointing to a recent livestream as the source.
Destiny banned on Twitch after reportedly sharing personal information

Veteran streamer Steven Kenneth "Destiny" Bonnel has landed in hot water once again. His recent onstream actions, this time, was the reasoning behind the latest ban which saw his Twitch account getting suspended.

While initially, fans started speculating the mystery into the streamer’s disappearance which Destiny explained some time after the reason behind his disappearance. The streamer revealed it in an offline chat message as many pointed to one of his streams as the possible source of his ban.

Destiny gets Twitch account suspended

During a livestream on 6th October, Destiny openly discussed the latest Twitch leak, which disclosed the earnings of the platform’s top streamers. The streamer then discussed an alleged “unbannable” creator list that details which creators are considered unbannable on the platform.

According to Destiny, this rumoured list contains the names of Twitch streamers that would be considered unbannable. The list also contains the contact information of Twitch employees whom these creators would directly contact if their channel would be under any violation.

Destiny would proceed to reveal the contact information belonging to one of the Twitch employees onstream, which he later speculated to be the explanation behind his ban. The streamer further confirmed this in a message left in his online chat forum, writing: “My Twitch account just got suspended for sharing personal information…???”

The streamer later posted a message on Twitter to corroborate his previous message, saying: “Are corporate emails that go [email protected] really considered ‘private information’ lol what”.

This isn’t the first time the streamer has drew ire from the streaming platform as he had reportedly lost his Twitch partnership in 2020. The streamer made inflammatory comments towards protestors for which Twitch believes the comments made on their platform for an “unspecified encouragement of violence” is a violation of their Community Guidelines.

With this latest ban coming into effect, Destiny has yet to reveal how long the ban would last but Destiny is the first streamer on the platform to receive such a ban. As for when he’ll return to the platform is yet to be announced.


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