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Pink Gorilla Games Employees Held At Gunpoint In Armed Robbery

Twitch streamer Cody “DSKoopa” Spencer's gaming store, Pink Gorilla Games, was robbed after employees were held at gunpoint.
Pink Gorilla Games Employees Held At Gunpoint In Armed Robbery

Twitch streamer Cody “DSKoopa” Spencer, owner of the legendary gaming store in Seattle, Pink Gorilla Games, has lost a combined total of $14,000 over the year after the shop was robbed at gunpoint earlier this week. DSKoopa revealed the heartbreaking incident on Twitter, alongside footage of the perpetrators robbing the gaming store.

According to Fox, who reported on the incident, a burglar held Pink Gorilla employees at gunpoint on 24th October 2022, commanding them to put various merchandise and money from the cash register into their bags. Following the incident, DSKoopa stated that there’d be a $10,000 reward for anyone with information that might lead to the criminal's arrest.

DSKoopa’s Pink Gorilla Games Robbed Multiple Times In 2022

pink gorilla games robbed
Pink Gorilla Games was robbed earlier this week. (Picture: Twitter via Kelsey Lewin)

Pink Gorilla has been one of Seattle’s popular tourist spots for a long time. Located at the corner of South King Street and 6th, the gaming store has been up and running for seventeen years. Unfortunately, DSKoopa, who co-owns the store with Kelsey Lewin, had their first burglary incident at Pink Gorilla on 5th July 2022, followed by a second on 22nd July 2022. 

The most recent burglary occurred on 24th October 2022 at around 5 p.m. local time, totaling roughly $14,000 in theft and damages. In an interview with Fox, Jordan Carson, an employee working behind the cash register at Pink Gorilla, explained that the alleged thief had walked into the store, dressed in all black from head to toe.

After entering the store, they reportedly asked Jordan for a PlayStation 3 from the display case before continuing to browse the store. Upon walking up to the counter to pay for the items, the thief asked for a bag; shortly after that, Jordan had a gun pointed at his face.

Jordan explained that he felt like something was off during the encounter. "It was very casual; he had his hands in his pocket the whole time, it was a subtle motion, but it got the job done. I knew he had a gun,” Jordan said.

allegedly roober stole merchandise cash pink gorilla games
This is allegedly the robber that stole merchandise and cash from employees at Pink Gorilla Games. (Picture: Twitter via DSKoopa)

The burglar reportedly stole the PlayStation 3 console, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and money from the cash register. The thief later bolted from the scene and has yet to be found by police. Fortunately, however, the store's surveillance cameras filmed the entire incident, which might aid in bringing the criminal to justice.

DSKoopa stated that the burglary incidents had become a major issue. Still, despite fortifying Pink Gorilla Games’ security, it doesn’t seem like it’s enough to stop people from robbing the store. In addition, DSKoopa noted that he doesn’t want to relocate since Pink Gorilla Games has been at the same location for seventeen years. Accordingly, he said it would be “heartbreaking and financially devastating” if forced to move.

The Twitch streamer further noted that the burglar could be the same thief that stole merchandise in July 2022 and urged anyone with information to step forward. In addition, anyone with valuable information that can lead to the arrest will receive $10,000 as a reward.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter via DSKoopa and Fox.