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Easy solution how to block "unblockable" new Twitch ads

Having troubles with annoying new Twitch ads that can't be blocked with ad blockers? AdBlock doesn't work on Twitch anymore? Don't worry, there's a solution! Read this guide on how to block "unblockable" new Twitch ads.
Easy solution how to block "unblockable" new Twitch ads

If you are a regular Twitch viewer, you might have noticed over the last couple of weeks that there are some new ads appearing during the streams on some channels.

Twitch introduced these new mid-roll ads a few weeks ago and since then they have been frustrating for both streamers and viewers.

The main issue with them is that they can't be controlled by the content creator, streamers can't decide when and how to run them, but instead, they roll completely automatically which can significantly affect viewer's experience in a negative way since ads can run in some crucial moments.

How to block the new Twitch ads 2
Even streamers can't control these new ads.(Photo: SmilinDominator)

Twitch streamer Smilin had this unpleasant experience in the worse possible moment a few weeks ago, and many others are experiencing similar bothersome situations since then.

And the worst part is that even adblockers like AdBlock and uBlock seemingly don't work, and these new Twitch ads are somehow rolling even with ad blockers installed.

But worry not, there is a solution!


How to block the new Twitch ads with uBlock Origin

(Picture: Twitch)

Reddit user EyeTiger provided an efficient solution that works 100%.

It is a temporary method but it is tested and it works!


When you open Ublock, follow these steps:


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Activate advanced options, then click on the 3 Cogwheels (right next to it).
  3. Go down to "Userresourcelocation" and delete all words and only put: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/pixeltris/e78bb8f9d8a7a22665958e339b2d45dd/raw/twitch2.js
  4. Close tab
  5. Go to 2nd menu My Filters Lists.
  6. Click on Empty caches.
  7. Click on Update.
  8. Close your browser and start it.
  9. Check your Twitch channel no more ads.

In the end, it should look like this - click on the image.

And that's it! You should now be free of any ads, even these new pesky ones!

If this was helpful to you tell us in the comments!