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FaZe Kalei claims Twitch on "crack" after ban for sexually suggestive conduct

FaZe Kalei first thought her Twitch ban was for a sexually suggestive tattoo but it later emerged that it was likely because of similarly suggestive emotes used in her chat.
FaZe Kalei claims Twitch on "crack" after ban for sexually suggestive conduct

This FaZe lot can't catch a break. Every week it seems like one of their members is embroiled in drama or banned from this platform or the next. Sometimes it's relatively benign, like a ban from Fortnite; whilst other times, it's a crypto pump and dump scam that effectively defrauded fans of their money.

This week, it seemed as though it was FaZe Clan's only female member, Kalei Renay, who had their head on the chopping block. Kalei is a content creator and streamer, who has had a meteoric rise in 2021. But on 13th October, Kalei revealed that she had been banned from Twitch for "sexually suggestive conduct".

FaZe Kalei claims Twitch "high on crack" after ban for sexually suggestive content

Kalei sexually suggestive content
Kalei joined FaZe in June of this year. (Picture: FaZe Clan)

The ban, which isn't permanent, sent Kalei running to Twitter, where she lambasted Twitch in all-caps, believing that she had been unfairly banned for a tattoo on her collarbone.

Although it appears that Kalei may have got the wrong end of the stick, her fans quickly pointed out that the email Twitch sent her clearly indicated the violation that led to the ban, which was that the violation was related to her "public or private chat messages".

Kalei contested this though, claiming that she rarely -- if ever -- typed in her chat, or any other stream's chat for that matter, and was at a loss as to why she was banned.

The Warzone streamer also claimed she would be contesting the ban but had failed to get a response from Twitch despite repeated attempts to contact her Twitch Partner support contact.

The likelihood of Kalei getting her ban overturned is slim, albeit not impossible since it has happened before -- but it is incredibly rare.

This is Kalei's first suspension from the platform and it will likely be for between 1-3 days. She was previously suspended from TikTok after getting spam reported following her signing to FaZe.


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Featured image courtesy of Kalei.