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How to stream on Twitch from a PS5

With the launch of the new PlayStation 5, developers bring us the ultimate guide to streaming on Twitch from this next-generation console.
How to stream on Twitch from a PS5

With the release of the PlayStation 5, Sony wants to make sure players have ease of access to plenty of features that have become a staple of gaming over the years, such as streaming.

In their most recent blog post, the company revealed how would users be able to set up a Twitch stream with efficiency. Here's how to do it.

How to stream to Twitch using a PS5

Sony PS5 twitch(Photo: Sony)

Having a dedicated "Create" button on the new DualSense controller sure helps those looking to start a broadcast, but first thing's first. 

Create your account on Twitch

(You can skip to the next topic if you are already a streamer of this platform)

  • Let's start with the basics: to start creating a stream on Twitch, you’ll need a Twitch account.  The developers recommend having the app installed on your mobile device to adjust your streaming settings on the fly, with Stream Manager.
  • After you have created your unique nickname, you’ll start customizing your channel. Sony hasn’t forgotten anything and has created an entire Creator Camp page of its Branding, so you can modify your photo, bio and everything you need: it’s time to show the world who you are!

Twitch stream PS5
(Photo: Sony)

  • With the integration of Twitch in the console, you can configure the options of Moderation and Security. PS5 also advises integrating AutoMod to prevent malicious comments, but you can also update your settings to include a custom list of words or phrases that will be automatically filtered from your channel.

Twitch stream how to on ps5
(Photo: Sony)

Start streaming on Twitch from your PlayStation 5

  1. With your Twitch account, you need to link to your PlayStation Network by following the onscreen instructions and scanning a QR code or going to If you have already done this on your PS4, know that you can migrate that information to this process. Remember, in both cases you will be asked for a two-factor authentication.

  2. Here's the fun part: while you're playing, hit the "Create" button. A menu of options will appear and you must choose "Broadcast". In that section choose Twitch. There is another option: choose Broadcast from the custom Control Center. Don't forget that the remote control works as a microphone to transmit audio.

  3. The next thing to do is to choose a name for your broadcast, add the PlayStation 5 HD Camera (if you have it, but it is mandatory if you want your viewers to see your reactions), modulate the image quality and set-up the settings.

  4. To start streaming, just hit "Go Live" Remember this, it’s important: your stream will automatically be placed in the category of the game you are playing.

Sony how to stream on Twitch
(Photo: Sony)

  1. When you think it's time to stop, press the "Create" button on the control, choose "Broadcast" from the "Create" options, and then choose "Stop Broadcasting." You can also press the "PlayStation" button to stop broadcasting through the Control Center or "Broadcast" card. Alternatively, you can choose "Pause Broadcast" through the "Create" options to rest.

Fantastic, now all you need to stream on Twitch is your PS5 and your charisma!