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Jankos has been banned from Twitch for 24 hours and no one is quite sure why...

The reason for the temporary suspension has not been revealed yet.
A few hours ago, the first temporary ban on the personal Twitch account of Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski, current jungler of G2 Esports, was announced through the automated Twitter account, StreamerBans.

So far and as is usual in these cases, Twitch has not revealed the reason for this suspension, however Jankos himself has taken advantage of this to publish a tweet as an announcement making it clear he has "reformed".

Jankos Twitch ban

Likewise, followers and fans of the player are making light of the situation, saying this was due to the dangerous spears of his Nidalee, or even for looking for inappropriate things in the middle of his stream.

why was Jankos banned from Twitch
(Picture: Twitter)

Of course, these reasons are given in jest but from Jankos appearing relatively relaxed about the situation and it being a ban for just 24 hours it will likely be for something benign like a DMCA strike.

The Polish League of Legends' player has confirmed that he will be returning to Twitch on Thursday, 18th February.