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JustaMinx's House Invaded By Men Living & Dealing Drugs Under It

Twitch streamer JustaMinx discovered an intruder had been sleeping under her rental home, stockpiling drugs and alcohol.
JustaMinx's House Invaded By Men Living & Dealing Drugs Under It

Twitch streamer JustaMinx made a shocking revelation that has caused the streaming community to worry for her safety. On 3 November 2022, the streamer posted a series of Tweets stating that an intruder had smashed her windows and broken into her Airbnb rental home.

In addition, JustaMinx's cats, Cornelius and Sylum, went missing, all on her birthday. The streamer also uncovered a terrifying situation where two homeless men, allegedly drug addicts and alcoholics, have been living under her rental house.

These incidents led JustaMinx to contact the police and conduct an official investigation, which later resulted in the officers finding multiple bags of what seemed like marijuana and other substances, including alcohol bottles and a bunch of bags and papers.

justaminx claimed accidentally shut down drug den rental home
JustaMinx claimed to have "accidentally shut down a drug den" after discovering horrifying things involving her rental home.

However, the streamer stated that the police weren't of much help after she had to investigate the area, including under her rental house where this intruder supposedly stayed, without the proper assistance of law enforcement. The content creator added that the rental homeowner checked the security footage and noticed that "two men" approached the house.

JustaMinx claimed that the police "didn't care" about the incident and sent her down under the rental home to collect "fingerprints. In her Tweet, JustaMinx said, "I literally just accidentally shut down a drug den." In addition, the streamer claimed the intruders were also collecting "IP address too with a weird router."

On the bright side, JustaMinx eventually found her cat Cornelius outside the home. However, she is still looking for Sylum, who she believes is somewhere under the rental home. JustaMinx further added that she'd experienced difficulty trying to get her cat to come outside from under the house.

Following this shocking string of events, the police reportedly removed the "stash" of drugs and boarded up the initial entry hole the intruders used to enter the home in the first place. In addition, JustaMinx claimed the intruders returned to the rental house because she supposedly "stowed [the intruder's] stash."

It's unclear if the police later apprehended the intruders. We will endeavor to update this story as more information becomes available.

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All featured images are courtesy of Twitter via JustaMinx.