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Logan Paul comments on Ninja's reported payout after Mixer shutdown

YouTube star Logan Paul jokingly congratulates Tyler "Ninja" Blevins on his reportedly massive payout due to Mixer shutdown.
Logan Paul comments on Ninja's reported payout after Mixer shutdown

In case you've been living under a rock, Microsoft announced the Mixer shutdown this week, and how it would be merging with Facebook gaming. The biggest Mixer star, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, reportedly gets a payout worth millions due to ending the contract. Now, Logan Paul has jokingly commented about Ninja's mammoth payout.


Logan Paul comments on Ninja's Mixer shutdown payout

In a new video from Logan Paul, entitled "Logan Paul's message to Ninja", the YouTube star criticized Microsoft for moving forward with Mixer in the first place. Logan Paul noted how such a business model is difficult to achieve, as you expect big influencers to build a community on a new platform (Mixer). 

Logan Paul comments: “This model, time and time again, has proven to fail. The model where you back popular creators and hope that they’ll build an entire platform.”

While Mixer closing is no laughing matter, according to DrDisrespect, Logan Paul jokingly called Ninja's payout due to the Mixer shutdown a "heist", congratulating Ninja for his efforts.

Logan Paul comments: "I also wanna give a quick shoutout to Ninja. You played the suits, my guy. That was the greatest heist I’ve ever seen - and I’m saying this facetiously because it wasn’t a heist.

"The dude genuinely loved his audience, and they loved him enough where he felt confident he could honestly jump to an entirely new platform when it happened to not work out.”

Of course, the "heist" thing is just a joke, and you can see the respect Logan Paul has for Ninja, and the content he creates.

It remains to be seen exactly what Ninja and Shroud's next move will be. At the time of writing, both ex-Mixer stars are thinking about their next steps.