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Maya Higa Gives Final Statement Amid Alleged Sexual Assault "Cover Up"

Maya Higa is stepping away from her platforms indefinitely after sharing her "Final Statement" on the CrazySlick Adrianah sexual assault drama.
Maya Higa Gives Final Statement Amid Alleged Sexual Assault "Cover Up"

It has been a turbulent week for the Twitch community, ranging from streamer xQc's break-up with Adept to widespread calls for the Amazon-owned platform to ban gambling. However, more pressing were allegations that Twitch superstars Mizkif and Maya Higa downplayed and helped cover up CrazySlick's alleged sexual assault on Adrianah Lee.

More recently, on 25th September 2022, Maya Higa issued a formal response in a "Final Statement" to her fans on Twitter. Accordingly, the Twitch star came clean about a leaked Discord featuring Mizkif, Trainwreck, Asmongold, xQc, and Barry accusing her of gaslighting Adrianah Lee.

Addressing the leaked call and reiterating her "truth" on the matter again, Maya claimed that it was not her intention to manipulate Adrianah Lee and that she "did not cover up sexual assault." Maya Higa then apologized, ending her statement that she would be stepping down from her online platforms indefinitely.

Maya Shares Final Message After Slick's Sexual Assault Drama

maya higa adrianah lee crazyslick sexual assault cover up final message
Maya Higa has formally responded to accusations of her sexual assault cover up. (Picture: Twitch / Maya Higa)

In her Twitlonger, Maya first responded to the leaked Discord call that aired earlier that week on 22nd September 2022. "I was not offered the opportunity to represent myself on that call, and thus what I said and my intentions on that day in question (07/06/2021) were misrepresented," she said.

Maya continued, noting that she had already spoken her "truth" on her Twitch Livestream on 19th September 2022, but "in light of the false allegations," was compelled to speak it again. " I do not want to engage in nuke wars. I do not want to play games. I will only speak to my own intentions and actions that day," she added.

In the Twitlonger, Maya Higa clarified that she "did not go to the house that day with the intention of manipulating Adrianah's story" and claimed that she did "not cover up sexual assault." Continuing to elaborate, Maya added, "This would not be possible as even Adrianah did not consider the incident to be sexual assault until this past Monday [19th September 2022]."

While Maya maintains her support for Adrianah amid her change in feelings regarding the incident with CrazySlick, she added that she was "only able to operate off of the information that was given to [her] by Adrianah and the eyewitnesses at that time."

maya higa final statement crazyslicks sexual assault drama
Adrianah Lee claimed that CrazySlick sexually assaulted her. (Picture: Instagram / Adrianah Lee)

In particular, Maya Higa clarified that the information was that there was "no rape or sexual assault, but that CrazySlick made Adrianah [Lee] uncomfortable." This statement is accurate and true to Adrianah's original testimony on 6th July 2021.

Maya noted that she did not ask about Adrianah's experience or go to the house "with the intention of understanding the truth [...] that occurred at the party in January of 2020," explaining that she thought it was "the right thing to do." However, in hindsight, she reflected that it was wrong to insert herself into the situation and apologized for the "power dynamic" and "harm it might have caused."

maya higa step down online platforms indefinitely adrianah lee sa cover up
Maya Higa says she never intended for her status to influence Adrianah. (Picture: Twitch / Maya Higa)

"It was irresponsible for me to not (sic) remove myself from the situation, and I take full accountability for making this mistake. I am deeply disappointed in my judgment and choices, and I am deeply sorry to Adrianah for my involvement," Maya said.

In closing, Maya condemned CrazySlick's actions, noting that she has privately and publically apologized. "I am truly sorry for Adrianah’s experience with CrazySlick and for the experiences of the other women who have shared their stories," she said. Maya also added that she would be stepping away from her online platforms indefinitely.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Maya Higa.