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MissBehavin unbanned just three days after streaming adult content

The streamer claimed she had done it in error.
MissBehavin unbanned just three days after streaming adult content

Twitch has lifted the ban on "MissBehavin" after the streamer mistakenly streamed explicit content meant for another platform.

The ban lasted just three days and will do little to change the perception that Twitch's rules are selectively enforced.

MissBehavin's stream that earned her a ban quickly went viral with the content creator and resulted in the streamer receiving comments on social media that she had done it purposely in an effort to promote her other social media.

It's a notion that MissBehavin had short shrift describing the stream, which lasted for ten minutes, as "an accident".

"I sell these for money why the fuck would I want to give it out for free," wrote MissBehavin. "I'm actually upset and pissed."

Accusations that Twitch selectively enforce their rules is a widely held belief, with numerous examples in the platform's history of streamers engaging in similar behaviour and receiving different or no punishment.

MissBehavin Twitch ban lifted three days
Forsen is currently indefinitely banned after showing a picture in error. (Picture: Forsen)

This selective enforcement adds fuel to the fire of rumours that female streamers are shown preferential treatment on the platform. Such claims have become so toxic that Twitch had to explicitly ban anyone from accusing streamers of providing "sexual favours" in return for preferential treatment on the platform.

It's a situation that is further complicated by the case of Hassan Bokhari, Twitch's Partnership Director, who was fired from the Amazon-owned platform in September of this year after he was accused of sexual assault, the allegations also made mention of his fast-tracking of streamers' Partnership status and of giving other benefits in an attempt to coerce women.

With Twitch deciding that MissBehavin's stream was worthy of just a three-day ban they have set a benchmark that won't be easily forgotten when it comes to the punishment of others in the future.