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Myth leaves TSM FTX after 3 years

The former Fortnite pro says that he is leaving TSM because he wants to explore new things and "figure out what [he] likes doing."
Myth leaves TSM FTX after 3 years

Ali "Myth" Kabbani, one of the most popular Twitch streamers with over 7.4 million followers, announced on Monday, 27th December, that he is leaving TSM FTX after three years in the organisation as a content creator.

The 22-year-old revealed that he will not be renewing his contract with TSM FTX in a special video announcement shared on TSM socials.

Kabbani joined TSM in 2018, originally as a part of the org's professional Fortnite roster, alongside Darryle "Hamlinz" Hamlin and Daequan "Daequan" Loco, serving as the team's captain.

Now, three years later, TSM and Myth are parting ways.

Why did Myth leave TSM?

In a transparent announcement video, Myth reflected on what it meant to be signed by TSM back when Fortnite was at its zenith.

"Forming the Fortnite team, Leena hitting me up in my DM, and seeing that for the first time... my heart literally racing and my hands shaking," Myth recalls the exciting moment. "Me being signed, recruiting Daequan, CaMiLLs...us moving to California, having the Fornite house, being the most dominant content team in the Fortnite space. Those are all memories that I should hold close to my heart forever."

why did myth leave TSM
Myth, Hamlinz, and Daequan started their professional careers in TSM. (Picture: TSM)

Myth added that all this was possible because of TSM and because of the people he was able to work with, going on to explain that some of those same people leaving TSM are why he is following suit.

Myth explained that TSM "doesn't feel like family" for him anymore, highlighting the recent departures of the now-former TSM President Leena Xu and Bjergsen, who both had a huge influence on Kabbani's early career development.

Furthermore, Myth revealed that he doesn't think TSM used him as a content creator as much as they should.

"I overall just felt like I wasn't really being utilized in an efficient manner. I stopped being somebody that was in TSM content a lot," Myth opened up. "I wanna be a part of bigger ideas, I wanna be a part of their content, what they are making."

why did myth leave TSM
Myth revealed that he wants to branch out and produce non-gaming content. (Picture: Myth)

Finally, Myth explains that he wants to use this time to focus on himself and explore what he really wants to be as a content creator, hinting that he might start doing content unrelated to playing video games.

"I want to go into a different direction, where I [could] really find myself in the scene and figure out what I like doing. [Gaming] has been my singular hobby, and I really want to take some time to explore different things and take you guys on that journey with me."

Kabbani thanked TSM fans and everyone else who helped him become what he is now, as well as all the people from TSM who supported him during "some of the wildest moments of [his] career."

At the moment, Myth hasn't talked about his future plans other than the general ideas he mentioned in the video, but fans are already speculating about him joining his former teammates Daequan and Hamlinz, who are now partnered with NRG.


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Featured image courtesy of Myth