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Ninjoi trends on Twitter as Ninja reveals new logo

The term "Ninjoi" is trending on Twitter after Twitch streamer Ninja released his new logo. Here's what fans are saying about the new look.
Ninjoi trends on Twitter as Ninja reveals new logo
Twitch icon Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has recently rebranded his personal brand and Twitch channel, and the changes - which include a new logo - were met with mixed results from fans.

Quickly becoming the topic of discussion in many online circles, the new logo seemed to make waves in the streaming community. Here's how "Ninjoi" started trending on Twitter after Ninja's sudden rebrand.

Ninja's new logo "Ninjoi" trending on Twitter

Ninja's original logo featured a different font and logo design. (Image: Ninja)

On 18th April 2022, Ninjoi stated on Twitter that he had a "big change and announcement tomorrow."  Fans eagerly waited to see what surprises would come.

The very next day, awaiting fans were met with a total redesign and rebrand of Ninja's channel and accounts, including a fresh logo with a new font.

The new logo features a spiked blue shape to pay homage to Ninja's iconic blue hair. Many fans pointed out that the "a" in Ninja's new logo looks like an "oi," prompting jokes that the logo actually read "Ninjoi," and causing the term "Ninjoi" to trend on Twitter.

Ninja's Twitch panels and some others have yet to be changed, but they will likely be edited to fit the total rebrand soon.
Fans had mixed reactions to Ninja's new logo. (Image: Ninja)

Fans' mixed reactions to Ninja's rebrand

Fans and other content creators had highly varying opinions on Ninja's new logo. Some loved the change, while others thought the edit was unnecessary and unattractive.

"Your hair as your new logo is actually such a cool idea," said content creator Muaaz in a Tweet later retweeted by Ninja. "You can change the color each time you dye it too."

Even Pokimane reacted to the change, pointing out that the new logo looks like an adorable animal - but stating that she much prefers the old branding. 

"Can I just say this rebrand made me realize how good his originally branding actually was," Pokimane said. "Looking back at the [original logo], I'm like, 'this is really good actually.'"

"I really think about it, and it reminds me of a little hedgehog," she added. "To me what's really funny is that they did this in an hour."

Now you're up to speed with Ninja, his new branding, and why "Ninjoi" is trending on Twitter.

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Featured image courtesy of Ninja.