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No Man's Sky returns to the Twitch rankings

Two things everyone likes: Twitch TV and colourful graphs. It's good news, then, that Zestats just shipped us these weekly Twitch viewership stats, showing which games and which streamers currently sit on top of the digital heap. Let's take a looksee at who's been performing well on everyone's favourite streaming site.

The streamers

Top 10 World Streamers

Surprise surprise, Ninja tops the list for most viewed streamers. The Fortnite streamer stands head and shoulders above the competition, with 3.7M total hours watched. He has the highest peak viewership, too, with 164k tuning in for one of his streams. He is down a little bit, however, from the last time we did this ranking. In the runners-up spot is Tfue, another Fortnite streamer who has stormed up the rankings recently. Myth remains steady, holding onto his third place spot since last time. Xqc looks to be stabilising his position in the top 10, having crept in at number nine last time and this time rising to eight.

The games

Top 10 Content Week 30

The makeup of the top 10 games looks pretty similar to what we saw last time. Fortnite is obviously at the top, with League of Legends still occupying the second spot. A few games have switched places in the ranking, but the only major change to report is the addition of No Man's Sky at number ten. The much-maligned game has been on an upwards trajectory after its disappointing release, and a big recent patch has propelled it back into the upper reaches of Twitch.