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JustaMinx Kicked From OpTic A Day After Returning From Therapy

Twitch streamer JustaMinx claims OpTic Gaming forced her to leave its content house within 24 hours of being in a "psych ward."
JustaMinx Kicked From OpTic A Day After Returning From Therapy

Twitch streamer JustaMinx has had it rough over the past couple of weeks. From taking a break from social media and focusing on her mental health to finding out people had been living underneath her Airbnb rental house and hoarding drugs, the troubled Twitch star recently claimed that OpTic Gaming had kicked her from the content house.

On 3rd November 2022, JustaMinx announced that an intruder allegedly broke into her Airbnb home and scared away her cats, Cornelius and Sylum. This person was supposedly living underneath the streamer's rental house, hoarding drugs like marijuana and using a "weird router" to hack "IP addresses."

justaminx currently living airbnb rental house
JustaMinx is living in an Airbnb rental house after allegedly being kicked from the OpTic house.

The following day on 4th November 2022, JustaMinx clarified that she was living in rental homes because OpTic Gaming had allegedly forced her out of the content house. The Twitch streamer further noted that she was only given 24 hours' notice and told not to announce the situation publically, going as far as to have her sign a non-disclosure agreement. It's worth noting that OpTic Gaming initially signed JustaMinx as one of their content creators on 24th August 2022.

JustaMinx claims that after returning from her mental health recovery at the "psych ward," she thought OpTic Gaming would've paid for the fees considering that they had signed her. However, OpTic Gaming allegedly didn't cover the costs, forcing JustaMinx to settle $10,000 worth of payments. Only upon returning to the OpTic house, JustaMinx claimed the organization gave her 24 hours to vacate the premises.

In addition, the Twitch streamer said that because OpTic Gaming forced her to leave its content house with such short notice, it made it difficult to file documents and visas and find somewhere to live. JustaMinx later revealed that it was the major reason she hadn't been so active online because she was moving from one rental home to another and needed to take her cats, Cornelius and Sylum, with her in the process.

Amid the drama, JustaMinx leaked Discord DMs with one of OpTic Gaming's supposed employees who managed the content house or held a position involving legal affairs. The leaked messages detailed information asking the streamer not to discuss the situation publicly, as well as matters concerning JustaMinx's departure from OpTic Gaming's content house.

Accordingly, it seems another OpTic Gaming employee called "Dani" told other people about JustaMinx leaving, which caused controversy within the organization by involving some of the streamer's peers. Despite this, the Twitch streamer has found a house to live in, and since the intruder incident, she seems to be doing much better.

So far, OpTic Gaming hasn't provided an official statement regarding these claims. If they do, we'll endeavor to update this article.

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All featured images are courtesy of Twitch via JustaMinx.