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Pokimane OfflineTV hot tub stream results: Memes, subs gained and "best boobas"

The highly anticipated Pokimane hot tub stream with OfflineTV members is now over. It was filled with memes of the Twitch meta.
Earlier in May, we reported that Twitch megastar Imane "Pokimane" Anys would finally be joining the hot tub meta on Twitch. This stream, for her birthday on 14th May 2021. In the early hours of the morning on 06:15 CET, Pokimane and her friends from OfflineTV, including the likes of DisguisedToast and LilyPichu, jumped into the hot tub.

Update: The hot tub stream ended on 14th May 2021 at 09:05.

Update ends.

The stream's name is actually: "OFFLINE TV HOT TUB STREAM - BEST BOOBAS ON THE SITE" trolling those dumb enough to believe Pokimane would actually do a real hot tub stream and showcase her "assets". 

Pokimane hot tub Twitch stream results

This was a wholesome hot tub stream, as Pokimane and friends are meme'ing the meta. The crew was joking around, having a good time, and joking about hot tub streams by writing on their forehead for subs, ordering pizza, and getting up to all kinds of shenanigans, such as covering DisguisedToast with fake tattoos, and writing on his skintight bodysuit...

Update 07:18 CET - pizza and sushi have arrived as viewers sit at 122,000, subgoal nearing 2000 mark.

Update 07:34 CET - subs pass 2200 as the camera freezes. Quickly fixed by the staff, everyone chilling and eating.

Update 07:46 CET - subs pass 2500 as Pokimane and friends are getting tired but it is still an hour and a half before her birthday time (09:00 CET).

Update 08:01 CET - Now bottling water from the hot tub as OfflineTV "juice".

Pokimane twitch hot tub stream live offlinetv subs disguisedtoast lilypichu(Picture: Pokimane)

Update 09:00 CET - It is officially Pokimane's birthday, as a cake gets brought in and the OfflineTV crew sings happy birthday in the hot tub. Subs at nearly 2700 gained.

Update 09:05 CET - Pokimane thanks the chat for joining her hot tub stream on Twitch, as well as her OfflineTV friends. Everyone gets out of the hot tub and the stream ends.

Pokimane gained 2692 subs thanks to this stream.


Pokimane twitch hot tub stream live offlinetv subs disguisedtoast lilypichu(Picture: Pokimane)

The stream was live over on Pokimane's Twitch channel.

What's great is that this hot tub stream from Imane and the OfflineTV crew is so wholesome, people are tunes in by the thousands. Even the hot tub queen, Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa approved, gifting 50 subs to this crazy ordeal.

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