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Sodapoppin explains how badly he wanted to punch Esfand at Twitch Shitcamp

Sodapoppin explained how badly he wanted to punch Esfand at Twitch Shitcamp, citing how he refused to "shut the f*** up."
Twitch star, Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris, was relieved to have life return to normal following the recent Twitch Shitcamp 2021 activities. This followed after he expressed how badly he wanted to punch Esfand because he wouldn't "shut the f*** up." Naturally, this attracted some backlash from fans before Soda quickly cleared up the drama by revealing that it was a joke.

Soda really wanted to punch Esfand at Shitcamp

On 3rd October, Soda was doing a recap of the Shitcamp activities by watching various Twitch clips from the event. After watching a clip of one of the Kitchen Streams, Soda paused the clip and proceeded to joke about how badly he wanted to punch Esfand.

Soda explains how badly he wanted to punch EsfandTV at Twitch Shitcamp sodapoppin
Soda explains how badly he wanted to punch EsfandTV at Twitch Shitcamp. (Picture: Twitch / Sodapoppin)

"I've never wanted to punch someone more in my entire life until Esfand on this trip. I got mad at him," the Twitch star said before explaining his reason. "When you have like fifteen streamers in a room, shut the f*** up. Stop talking so goddamn f***ing much. That's how I feel," Soda said.

He continued to compared Esfand talking to the PeepoTalk emote, saying that it "should just be called Esfanding." According to Soda, Myth and other streamers were great to hang out with because when they said something it was funny. Soda continued to explain, however, that when Esfand spoke, "we had thirty swings and twenty-nine misses."

"Shut the f*** up Esfand. I love the guy though," Soda concluded. This clip subsequently garnered negative comments from fans on the internet that didn't quite catch Soda's joke, which later forced him to clear things up later in the stream.

"People take my sh*t too seriously. Esfand was great at Shitcamp, I had a blast with him. Keep that in mind. I just know him very well, so I can say mean, funny things like that. It's fine. Relax." Soda said before telling people sending him messages to "get the f*** out of [his] face."

It's a shame that Esfand was absent from The Roast of Sodapoppin, as we're sure that there would have been some hilarious commentary passed between the two. It's nevertheless great to know that the Twitch stars aren't really butting heads.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Sodapoppin.